Vince Offer born Offer Shlomi, was born in Israel before moving to Brooklyn, New York, with his family as a young man. The move put him on a path to finding his footing within the entertainment sector as he was heavily influenced by the world-famous Crazy Eddie commercials of the 1970s. At 17, he dropped out of school and moved to Los Angeles to make a headway for himself in the acting industry.

The move to L.A. put him on a path to achieving his dream as he was introduced to a channel called Public Access that gave upstarts a 30-minutes slot to do whatever they wanted to do and it would air locally in Los Angeles. 

“I loved comedy, especially street humor which I saw a lot of in Brooklyn, very irreverent and politically incorrect comedy that was taboo. I thought I would do TV skits that would portray that because you couldn’t find it back then in the 80s on TV,” Vince says. Fortunately, his show was a hit and his path as a film writer and director was being crafted.   “I got a call from Tamara Rawitt, producer of In Living Color an urban TV Show starring the Wayan brothers and Jim Carrey.  Rawitt loved what she saw what I did on the Public Access channel and asked if I could write her some skits for the show, which I did with a friend of mine,” Vince continues. “We wrote 10 skits in a few days, and I had the epiphany that I can write and collaborate a lot of quality material within hours!   That built my confidence on writing comedy.  From there it developed and I made 2 skit movies The Underground Comedy Movie low budget, and then another sequel to that called Inappropriate Comedy.”

From then on, Vince Offer has achieved more success. His TV wise, the ShamWow commercial had a strong revolutionary impact on Hollywood, helping to bring a strong street-style personality to the mainstream. He has not stopped growing since then. In 2001, Vince created Square One Entertainment, Inc. (SOE) to serve as a production and distribution company for his ideas. It has made him work harder than he has ever had to in his life: “I have a lot of hats, because I do almost everything myself, but I find product, write a script for the product, launch the product on TV networks, make it a household name and then distribute it to our sub-distributors who then bring them to retail stores.”

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