The 2020 edition of the BET Awards as promised premiered virtually, and contrary to unfavorable critical reviews, the renowned event was a locked and lit, colossal success; with a captive audience of millions.

The recurrent theme of the event ‘Our culture can’t be cancelled.’ was an interesting jab at the detractors of the viral Black Lives Matter movement and every performance paid tribute to the fight, either subtly or directly.

The 20th edition of the BET Awards was a study in virtual excellence with a series of amazing, well-curated, virtual performances that left nothing to the imagination.

Although the performers were many miles apart, there was a distinct sense of cohesiveness that tainted each performance, giving you the unmistakable impression that they were all stitched together from the same theatrical fabric.

From John Legends dark-themed warehouse performance to DaBaby’s George Floyd death reconstruction music tribute, every artiste on the bill had a sense of mission with even their song choice reflecting their commitment to the cause.

Even the creative use of green screen by the host of the event, Amanda Seales, from the comfort of her home was something to commend.

And although there were a few minor glitches, it didn’t remove from the oiled smoothness of the day’s proceedings.

Awards recipients gave their speeches entirely by video and even though they were out of reach of the organizers, they stuck to their allocated speech time like pros.

The most impressive part of the brilliantly organized virtual event was how, even amongst the band and back up vocalists, there was a creative display of social distancing even when the artistes had to go head-to-head in a combined performance.

So apart from the fact that artiste name displays were conspicuously absent from their videos during performances, leaving us to keep guessing what particular artiste was on stage at a given time; the overall event was well curated.

The stakes are higher now; subsequent award events need to make an effort to step up the bar. No one wants to experience an award the same way twice.

At least no one I know.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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