No, the 02 arena is not a 2, 000 capacity hall, nor is it a 5, 000 capacity arena, but one of the biggest music arenas in the world —20, 000 seaters hall. The 02 Arena is a multi-purpose indoor arena in South-East London and it is a home to the world’s most popular musical concerts, comedy, sports and entertainment. In fact. a lot of African, European and Afrobeat artists, host their live performance and shows at the arena. And it is unsurprising that it is still the ‘busiest’ music arena in the world —in terms of ticket sales. Most importantly, it is the dream of many artists to blaze the trail in this citadel of fame.  

Fortunately, few music stars have set the pace, by selling out the 02 arena; In 2007, The Spice Girls sold out the 02 Arena in 38 seconds; In 2011, Rihanna sold out the 02 Arena in 10 minutes; In 2014, Beyonce sold it out in 12 minutes; And what about the African Giants? In 2019, Davido achieved this huge feat, and in 2021; Wizkid sold out the 02 Arena, in 12 minutes. 

What must you do then, to join the camp of legends and set another record in this hall of fame? 

Indeed, the only limitations in our lives are the ones we create in our minds. More fundamentally, our minds control our destinies, create possibilities and translate our thoughts into realities. Of course, our value system matters a lot, especially in writing our stories in the hearts of history. Thus, every music star, who aspires to follow the paths of living legends in this colossal hall of fame—02 Arena, must be ready to pay the price of diligence, hard work and consistency, in releasing hit tracks and excellent albums at local and international level. 

Closely accompanying the impact of ‘value’ system, is the subject of fame in the entertainment industry. If you really want to sell-out the 02 Arena, then your social media fame should be top-notch. Such would create a radical awareness and enhance a strong support network from your fans. In addition, a major fruit of this support network from your fans would ensure that endorsement deals are influenced. 

Furthermore, it would not be out of place to assert that if you want to set a world record of selling out the 02 Arena in seconds; then your achievements both at the national and global scale must be significant. Moreover, getting nominated for the Grammy award or even winning the BET Award for Best International Act would definitely be an advantage for you. 

And what about winning the Oscar or Headies awards? Indeed, all these would create limitless possibilities for you to sell out the 02 Arena.

So, if you want to achieve this enviable feat and sell-out this great hall of fame in minutes; the ball has been served and the floor is yours.

This article was written bPrince Oyinlola Abosede; connect with him on Instagram via here 

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