Welcome, welcome, welcome all aspiring filmmakers. All the dreamers and storytellers with a burning passion to create films but struggle with the financial part of it. Perhaps you have money and you want to challenge yourself with a tight budget or you have no money at all and you somehow were able to raise N20k, this is the article for you. Just follow these short steps and your short film will be ready by Christmas, I assure you.

1. Rob A Bank

No no, no wait, hold on. I’m not saying the 20k isn’t enough, but why not go to the source directly? The money you’re getting from the bank is for the other things that you don’t need to waste your N20k on, like renting cameras, lights, costumes, and all those technical stuff. If you want to make a quality first film, borrow (without their consent of course) some extra money from the bank to support it.

2. Involve Family and Friends

So after you’ve used the borrowed money to pay off the not-so-important stuff, you now have just N20k to make do with so you need to be wise. Involve family and friends into your film, it’ll help avoid out-of-budget expenses on professionals. As a producer/director, you should be able to be a people person in order to get those you need interested and in the right attitude to work. Be patient with them as they may not be professionals.

3. Keep The Story Light

Keeping the story light doesn’t mean it has to be shallow or two-dimensional. What it simply means is that you should avoid too many technical shots or cuts. It’ll help save time, energy, and most importantly money. Considering this might be your first film, it’s more advisable to create a film that’s easy to execute flawlessly.

4. Keep to Time

Like we all know, time is money and unless you ‘borrowed’ enough money to keep you in production for months, time isn’t on your side. To minimize costs, it’s better to ensure you don’t exceed your fixed production time. Less time means less money.

5. Plan Plan Plan

We’ve established you have limited resources, the best way to maximize those resources is to plan every single detail. Proper planning avoids a lot of time-wasting on set and it helps you prepare for possible obstacles. So take all the notes you need to take before you get on set. Mentally block all the characters for each scene and have your shot list ready.

6. Relax

Yes, relax. After doing the impossible, you robbed a bank, you worked with family and friends, you planned! you most definitely need to relax a bit. So you see that N20k you had? this is where it comes in. You take that hard-earned N20k and go to one of these places and enjoy. It’s the end of the year, you cant kill yourself.

In just six easy steps your short film is ready to go into post production stage. You can thank me in the comments. So you see becoming the filmmaker of your dreams isn’t that hard and the economy really cant hold you back.

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