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There are lots of articles on the ‘How Tos’ for all occasions, from the ‘how to dress to a Wedding’, to ‘how to dress for a job interview’. But then, many won’t realize that a high percentage of people attend these to network.

Be it their potential suitor, a business associate or a long lost friend. Basically they attend this function to network, socially or for business reasons.

“You should always dress accordingly. If you are going to the hamptons make sure you look as good as the hamptons people. Don’t dress like you’re going to a birthday party next door.”



  1. Always Make Small Talks.

So you are at a wedding reception, and your friend that invited you sits you at a table with total strangers. And you think to yourself, ‘shissh what a bummer’.

Well no, that’s not the way or the kind of spirit to be in, Try as much as possible to engage the nearest person in a conversation. Keep it short and simple. Nothing technical or over the top.

If it’s a Lady, you can compliment something she has on, like this, ‘I must say, your jewelry is completely radiant.’

Note the use of words, that will catch her off guard for 5 seconds, she will then proceed to saying ‘thank you’, or offer a compliment back.

If it is a Guy, ‘I don’t know if it’s my taste buds, but this chicken is a tad too spicy.’, or ‘You look good, you’re confident.’,  or ‘Your vocabulary is articulate.’

Definitely he must say something back.

Voila! You have opened the gates for a friendly chit chat.


2. Be on top of your fashion game.

So we all know that one lady that shows up at a wedding looking better than the bride. Yes!

Always dress like it is your wedding, there is no such thing as being overdressed, they lied! There is no word like ‘overdressed’ – It does not exist.

Make sure you attend a wedding looking like a top model, best believe all the men and the women will want to talk to you.

The women will want to know what you’re wearing, who made it and the likes. While the men might just want to compliment you.


3. Confidence is everything.

Believe in yourself.

You are a star.

Remember you are a Child of a King!

Always say these things to yourself over and over till you feel it, you feel your shoulders held up high, your face forward, your chin up.

Most times, you’ll hear people say, ‘ The wedding was just there, I was alone, I didn’t have much fun’

Low self-esteem! Squash that feeling!

Do not feel timid or have a spirit of fear, go into the room with an air of confidence, be a crowd attractor. Be so confident in yourself that other people will want to compliment you just because.

Remember you are A STAR.


4. Always Wear A Smile, Also Bring A Gift!

Attending a wedding without a gift sounds very awkward. Its being said that even a week after the wedding people will remember you, the lad/guy that gave out the best souvenirs, or the lady with the prettiest smile.

Just come along with something.

So if you can’t physically network with guests, maybe your confidence level isn’t quite there yet, let your gifts do the networking for you.

And for those of you that go to weddings with no positive vibes or mindset, Change! Change!

So guys, next Saturday when you’re getting ready for a wedding ceremony be ready to apply these tips.

Remember to Smile, you are a STAR!

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