The colour red is associated with passion and allure. Red is an intense, seductive, attention-grabbing colour. I guess that’s why it’s my favourite colour because I love being the centre of attention! LOL. When worn the right way, it can look luxurious, elegant and chic, but because red is a very bold and eye-catchy colour, if it’s not worn right in terms of shade and paring, it can turn out to be a disaster. A disaster that everyone will notice because you will stand out. 

The most important thing to pay attention to when wearing red is to find your right shade, whether it’s a red dress, a full red outfit, or even red lipstick. Wearing your perfect shade is the only way to look great and make a bold statement the right way. To quote the people at Fashionisers, “It should add some warmth to your look and should be in complete harmony with your skin tone, eye colour, and hair. It is wise to experiment with various shades and stick to the one that makes you feel and look powerful and sexy.”

Here are some pointers on how to pick the right shade of red:

  • Women with black or dark brown hair, dark eyes, and an olive or dark complexion should choose dark and intense colours of red with a blue undertone. They should avoid orangey tones.
  • If you have dark brown or black hair and blue, green, or grey eyes, you will look stunning in the brightest red shade.
  • Those with dark blonde or brown hair and soft-coloured eyes should choose mild and subtle reds.

P.S. This is just a guide to help you pick the right shade of red for you. However, as stated previously, feel free to experiment and find what works for you.

Over the past few weeks, some of your favourite celebrities and ex-big brother Nigeria housemates have shown us how to make bold statements in RED. So here are their looks that can serve as style inspiration for when you decide to go the fiery route and wear RED.

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