The holiday season is here, and as expected, lots of events and parties have begun to spring up. From office parties and get-togethers to family dinners and other celebrations, your wardrobe will be receiving lots more attention. The common struggle of “what to wear” has probably started for most ladies, and the pressure to slay isn’t making the choice of what to wear any easier. Although most of us ladies have heard the phrase “when in doubt, wear an LBD,” it’s rarely the first choice, except for those who adore the colour black or if the dress code requires it.

A Little Black Dress should be a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. And today’s fashion designers are doing the most to ensure that LBDs never get boring! From the structure to the fabrics to the fit, these new school LBDs are so stunning that the “little” in the term feels like an insult to the dresses.

Wearing a black dress has a few advantages. It’s a well-known fact that wearing black makes you appear slimmer. Black also provides you with cover at night, which is especially important if you’re going to be out at odd hours. Black is also a very classy colour. You can steal the spotlight in black without looking like you’re trying hard to. Another major advantage of the colour black is that it can be paired with any other colour! So you can decide to choose loud colours for your accessories, and whatever colour you choose, black can accommodate it. Lastly, black fits into any occasion. No matter what it is, an LBD will most certainly suffice.

Some of your favourite style stars are showing us just how versatile and stunning the colour black can be. So when next you want to show off and show out, let these styles inspire you.

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