It’s finally Friday – although it’s actually Thursday- and you’re drained from the week. You live in Lagos, a city that loves to take from you. It’s taken half of your salary on transport, your full mental health on trying to survive, it’s only fair for you to live your best life this weekend right? Of course, I agree. If you’re a creative or work in any part of the creative industry or you just love the arts, here’s a quick guide on how to refuel your creative juices this weekend.

  1. Start the Day Slow

For you to have an artsy weekend, you need to stay in a zen, cool, calm state of mind. Starting your days slow could help put you in the right mood to enjoy the weekend. Go through your morning routine, but slower. Take your time getting out of bed, take your time making that cup of tea, take your time going through your skincare routine. Starting slow will leave you more refreshed from the week’s hassle and ready to enjoy the weekend.

2. Put On Your Most Chill Outfit

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This entire article is giving you an excuse to dress up, so you better dress up good! Since it’s a chill weekend, you don’t need to limit yourself to tight-fitting outfits (unless that’s your preference of course). Something loose-fitting and comfortable would give you the true artsy chic/guy core.

3. Admire Some Art @ Signature Beyond

You’re now dressed up and ready to get out of the house. You should go admire some art at a gallery. Signature Beyond is a lovely gallery on Awolowo Road filled with all sorts of tasteful paintings, sculptures, and decor.

4. Go Book Shopping @ Jazzhole

I would also recommend book shopping. Jazzhole is only a few blocks from Signature Beyond. You could go into the store and explore the thousands of books and vinyl records available, you could also treat yourself to their famous carrot cake (word on the street is it’s mouthwatering).

5. Do Karaoke @ Terrakulture

If you’re up for something to make you laugh and have a good time with friends, you could go for drinks and karaoke at Terra Kulture. There’s Karaoke night every Friday at 6pm. It’s a great opportunity to sing your stress away and not feel entirely embarrassed.

6. Have Dinner @ Bogobiri

To wrap up your weekend you could opt for dinner at Bogobiri house. It’s a cozy boutique hotel in Ikoyi that not only offers you an array of local Nigerian meals, it’s also surrounded by all sorts of sculptures and a truly unique decor that’s sure to keep you fascinated all night.

There you have it, a guide to living your best artsy weekend in Lagos. This guide would have you feeling your most creative self by Sunday evening.

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