There are no articles existing that feature the in-between child. Welcome to the first one. You can go online and search. You will turn up with nothing. This further proves my point.

Every sibling-related study seems to just highlight and focus on the first, last and middle children. So, what happens to the In-Betweens?

The In-Betweens usually come from families that have about four children or more. This all depends on how adventurous the parents are. Honestly, the struggles of an in-between child are not highlighted enough.

First off, they are always lost in a sea of hand-me-downs, whether they want it or not. The parents have spent too much money buying new items hence, money cannot be wasted. They have to ‘shop’ in the closets of their older siblings. Unfortunately by the time the in-between has outgrown said items, they become too old.

Then, there is the problem of being stuck between age grades. They are either too young to hang out with their older siblings or feel too old to hang out with their younger ones. They get little to no respect and in this case, there comes the problem of many chores because the bulk of house chores become their responsibility.

Getting their achievements muddled up or even forgotten is one of the worst struggles of an in-between child. Whatever they achieve is put up for comparison and they have to live up to so many expectations.

Nothing solely belongs to them. They always have to share. It was not theirs to begin with and they get reminded all the time.

Finally, their struggles are either downplayed or one-upped by their siblings. This is the major problem every in-between child has. They are often tagged as complainers and exaggerators when they speak about their struggles in the household.

Now you may ask, how does an In-Between become the favorite child?

The Answer:

There is absolutely no way to become the favorite child. Even if you are, no one would admit it to you and that’s okay. You are loved and that is really all that matters.

P.S: If you know a way, please let me in on it. I promise not to tell.

Anyway, I know a lot of people can relate to an in-between. Well, I have good news for you. The In-Between club is open to all and sundry. Despite the struggles, the In-Betweens are still the most accepting people you will ever meet. Feel free to join the club!

This article was written by Ayobami Ifeoluwa Faith; connect with her on Instagram via here  

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