They say technology is the greatest threat to career and happiness, while others will say otherwise and explain the means by which technology has improved their career and helped to speed up productivity. 

One of Steve Jobs founding company’s inventions, the iPhone is often abused and shown off by its many users as a tool depicting affluence and a nudge of acceptance to the high social class.  The communication portal which also doubles as an internal gateway can be used for many purposes even when most users have failed to dig into the premium features engineered by the vast pool of developers. 

The iPhone should never be seen as a myriad of capabilities for distraction when you are supposed to be going to work. The productivity tools in an iPhone are:


Writers, poets and secretaries can keep words that will serve as build up for a winning idea, book, article or a reminder to their bosses at work. More so, the notes have been developed to accommodate other follow ups that will be necessary in the future. 

The keyboard can be used as a trackpad

Even the fastest touchscreen typist in the world can agree that it is easier typing long documents on a computer. This is because desktop PCs and laptops have a configured mouse input that lets the typist move the cursor swiftly. You can reposition the cursor on the document by tapping anywhere on the screen. To make it easier, you can turn it to a virtual keyboard by long-pressing on the spacebar. 

Text replacement

iOS lets you create text-replacement shortcuts that make typing faster. For instance, when writing with edge-to-edge displays, Bolden the edge-to-edge to make it turn to e2e. More so, @@ inserts your personal email address, ## inserts your work email address, $$ inserts junk email address. 

Download your preferred dictionary

It is easier to get any dictionary of your choice on your device, including dictionaries that only work on Android devices.

This article was written by Alex Ndace; he tweets via @AlexNdace

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