Sex Education season two received a lot of social media attention and opinions which the first season of the series didn’t garner. But as usual, some series are unable to attract much attention on their first season unless it’s a sequel to an already recognised movie or an adaptation from a popular book that everyone has read.

Sex education redefined masculinity and told men to act better! It got a lot of men triggered that some Nigerian straight men tweeted about Hollywood always infusing sexuality in all movies. Lol. But as the world is getting ahead, men need to act better.

Ncuti Gatwa’s, Eric character was quite superb with his acting. The acting was impeccable and can’t be faulted. For the Nigerian audience, it taught them that a gay man can be a friend with a straight man without the gay man having a sexual feeling for him. When a Nigerian man hears someone is gay, they think they are not safe in their space. It’s only reinforcing the predatory behaviour of men, that they can’t be with a gender they are attracted to without having a sexual encounter with them.

It scoured through Otis’ life, growing up with his single mother. A spectacular thing we know about him was, always seeking his partner’s consent all the time. He made sure she was “okay” during sex. It means a single mother can train a better man. In African society, a fatherly figure has never acted more than financial stability. Women should never be scared of walking away from the toxic relationship when it’s no longer working. With financial security, a woman can train a much better man than having a husband by her side. Anyone can raise a better child; even the aunt, uncle or nanny. I think a single mother will raise a better man than a child always watching his parents tussle it every day in his sight.

The part that caught the attention of most viewers is when the school teacher told the girls to establish a common experience they have all had. They eventually concluded on sexual harassment. All women have experienced more than one sexual harassment from men in their lifetime. Sexual harassment encompasses more than rape. Groping, stalking, creepy sexual shenanigans, catcalling, etc are some forms of harassment most men inflict on women.

Sex education took us through different sexuality, heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, queerness, asexuality, pansexuality and in all, it tried to educate us. In the twenty-first century society, sex education shouldn’t be a thing to shy away from because the internet has made everything easy. If parents shy away from having the talk with their children, they would eventually be exposed to it with the possibility of a bad experience.

This article was written by Obinna Tony-Francis Ochem; connect with him on Instagram via here  

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