For people of all generations all over the world, financial freedom often feels out of reach. For this reason, Emiliano Guerrero’s success is all the more impressive. “By dropshipping, I have been able to scale stores on the Amazon marketplace to six figures, without having to actively see or touch any inventory,” Emiliano Guerrero explains. “Through selling on Amazon, I learned first hand the importance of hiring employees and having systems in place to scale stores. This led me into launching my first start-up, Scale Online.

Offering personalized consulting and direct store management services, Scale Online has created opportunities for Emiliano and his business partner to help individuals and companies create their own Amazon based eCommerce store, while providing a back-end team to handle nearly all of the logistics. “I find great joy in helping out those who build great companies and solve people’s problems,” Emiliano says.

In February of 2020, Emiliano Guerrero and his business partner also launched a Youtube Channel – ZGN, where they chronicle their successes, failures, and lessons learned throughout the start-up journey. “Our primary focus is content that adds value to those planning to start or scale their own business,” Emiliano notes.

Through Scale Online and ZGN, Emiliano hopes to help others experience the same financial freedom he has. “Financial freedom is the ability to do what makes you happy without worrying about the costs associated with said happiness,” he says. “If what makes you happy is spending time with your family, new experiences, building a company, or donating to charity; it’s the ability to do that. I care about freedom and problem solving. But for me, my true happiness stems from impact, a combination of freedom and problem solving at scale. That is my northern light.”

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