There’s been a lot more talk recently about finances and how it’s important to have multiple streams of income because of the current state of the Nigerian economy. Except you earn in foreign currency (dollars or pounds), you’ll need money coming in from different sources; to afford the current cost of living in Nigeria. Nigerians are used to the hustle, and some have upped their game by getting side hustles to bring in extra income. One such individual is Adaeze Nwachukwu.

Adaeze Nwachukwu works as a revenue assurance analyst at a Fintech company (Agency Banking). She has a BSc in Accounting from Imo State University. Like most others, the need to make extra cash moved Adaeze into finding a side hustle. She not only started one but two side hustles. Outside of her full-time job, Ada works as a personal shopper and a small-event decorator. 

Personal shopping started as a hobby for Adaeze. She was always happy to help people shop for things. “A friend advised me to take it up as a business as I was always eager and happy to help people get stuff.” And this was how Adaeze started a side hustle as a personal shopper.

Some people don’t know what a personal shopper does because it’s not as common in Nigeria as it is abroad. We asked Adaeze to break down what a personal shopper does so that people could understand. She answers, “Basically, it’s taking the stress off people who are too busy or simply unable to shop for themselves.”

Growing up, Adaeze always loved being handy. So when she heard from a former colleague about making paper flowers for use as decoration, she immediately took interest. “I loved that you can make something beautiful out of plain sheets of paper. From there, I thought it would be great to advance to décor.” She took classes on the art of paper flowers and balloon arrangements and began to use her knowledge to do decorations for small events.

The current hike in the price of everything has affected most businesses, and side hustles are not left out. As someone who goes shopping for others, Adaeze has first-hand knowledge of the current price hike and its effects. She says it has become hard for her to run her side hustles, “To be very honest, if you check my social media pages for both fashion items and crafts, you’ll notice that I haven’t updated them in a while. This is because I have been discouraged by the price hike. Having to convince someone to get something for double the price wasn’t what I signed up for.”

Adaeze relies on social media to market what she does. She says word of mouth and referrals have also helped her get customers.

As an event decorator, Adaeze has to constantly come up with creative ways to do decorations, so we wanted to know where she gets her inspiration from. “I get ideas and inspiration from anywhere, including social platforms like Instagram.”

Getting fashion items like shoes, bags, watches, sunglasses, and doing decorations for small events like baby showers, engagements, and birthday hang-outs are the type of services Adaeze offers. When it comes to juggling her full-time job and both side hustles, Adaeze relies on time management and planning. She works alternate days of the workweek, which affords her time to focus on her side hustles. 

Adaeze explains the benefits of having multiple streams of income. “Majorly, SAPA (Severe absence of purchasing ability) will be far from you. But seriously, having extra cash, and in the event of job loss, financial security is guaranteed.” She also has plans to make her small event decor side hustle into a full-time business.

Although this serial entrepreneur is booked and busy, she still makes time to unwind by watching a movie, playing games or chilling with friends. 

From the insights she has gathered on her journey so far, Adaeze Nwachukwu shared some advice for others who would love to start a side hustle. “Find something that you are good at and enjoy doing and can fetch money. Set a target or goal, and as Nike says, just do it. There is never a perfect time.”

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