We live in a time when technology rules the world! Years back, education was light. It was power. Now, the internet is light, it is power and our phone – the smartphone is the gateway to unlocking this power and unravelling this light. These days, almost everyone owns a smartphone. Many youth’s grapple with internet addictions; dedicating the best hours of each day to surfing the internet and skiing back and forth from one social media platform to another. Amongst today’s youths, it’s almost a crime to not own a smartphone. It is even a bigger crime not to belong to the Facebook and Instagram community amongst others. Spending many hours on the internet is not a crime. What is a crime is not realizing ample worth of all that quality time. The internet connects you to the world. It brings you into the light.

In as much as you earnestly want to connect to this light, to this power, you have to learn to flirt with it. Yep! Don’t let the internet take advantage of you. Mark Zuckerberg may spend twenty hours on Facebook. It does not matter. He has the licence to do that because Facebook is his business. The more hours he puts into Facebook, the richer he gets. Same goes to all the other internet application giants. However, with you, the story is different. Not only do you charitably invest your best hours in another man’s business, you face many social and health risks. The longer time you stay on the internet, the more addicted you become. Yep! You become a phone addict! You become prone to insomnia as well as physical and mental exhaustion. It kills your ability to communicate to physical people. More so, it subtly creates a hunger in you that bites when you haven’t flirted with it. Even scarier, technology could rape you of your humanity!

Technology doesn’t need to be a scary sceptical thing for us. It’s a good thing. I reiterate, it is power and light. Technology can help us make and save money. How about creating your own internet application? You could invent another game that beats Subway Surfer or Candy Crush. Do you realize just how many billions of dollars rolled into the pockets of the makers of these very addictive games? They make the games, we play the games and they make the money. You see! It’s time to change that. You can create your own internet platform. Explore blogging as a tool for social change! Not too young to run for president they say. How about blogging about this kind of change? Not only do you affect lives meaningfully, you develop your social media presence that ultimately connects you to the mint notes.

Hey there! Enjoy technology in a worthful manner.

So when you pick up that phone again, ask yourself one question: is this worth my time? Take control of your time. Time is money they say!


This article was written by Cynthia Anakwe; connect with her on IG here

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