Of a recent, I just realized that lots of “up coming super stars” mostly entertainers that call themselves celebrities are sleeping and waking up in/with hunger in the name of they are celebrities and they say they can’t work anywhere because they are “celebrities“. What a myopic and shameful ideology. Some of them are waiting for multi-million naira jobs which will or may never come their way.
Infact some of them see working elsewhere aside their performances at events as a thing of shame.

Hello Mr celebrity and Mr popular if you are reading this, go and find yourself something legit to do. Either you start a personal business or you get employed somewhere. Stop forming you are a celebrity and you can’t work. Hey! You can’t continue depending on your small “thank you package” from events and think you can take care of yourself and even family with that. You are still growing in your career and you need other sources of income to finance your talent/gift and settle bills.

Who told you that both secular and gospel celebrities do not have any other job or own any other business aside from going to events for shows? If they do not have a business of their own then, they are working elsewhere. Their wealth do not just come alone from performing on stage. Let me shock you, do you know that:

– George Clooney owns Casamigos Tequila,
-Jessica Alba  owns The Honest Co.,
– Panam Percy Paul is a lecturer in London and he owns a music school in Jos,
– Beyonce owns 22 Days Nutrition,
– Ryan Gosling  owns Tagine Restaurant,
– Maria Sharapova  owns Sugarpova,
– Kevin Costner  owns Ocean Therapy Solutions
– Frank Edwards and others do have other businesses. A

Almost all celebrities have other jobs they do, they don’t solely depend on invitations to events. And even if they aren’t, they definitely did before now. So stop taxing and begging guys around and still be forming celebrity for yourself because its definitely not for “us” –celebrity wey dey beg and tax people, that one na celebrity? Noooo!!! 

It’s unfortunate that some of these upcoming entertainers can not feed themselves, their families comfortably nor completely handle their responsibilities as husbands and fathers (those who are married).

All I am saying is if you are an upcoming entertainer or you are seeing yourself as a celebrity already, don’t depend on honorarium, it will not come everyday and even if it comes, it may not come much. Get a job to do, ” make you no dey form, go get job do. No matter the kind of job(even if na to sweep floor or sale bread), so long as na legit job, do am. No form celebrity without money”


This article was written by Elisha Shedrack; connect with him on IG here

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