These days, as we are focused mostly on our careers, dreams and increasing productivity as much as we can, we tend to overlook our health. For a change this week, let’s pay attention to our bodies. Especially spine, which often neglected, has enormous impact on our overall health and… Mood

Everyday, millions of people complain about their backs, necks, headaches; As common as these complains are, they often end up ignored, as soon as the pain is gone, we are back to our usual daily routine, unaware how many implications poor spine condition can lead to.

Hunching, sedentary lifestyle, sleeping in weird, twisted position on uncomfortable pillow/mattress, all lead to your spine curving unnaturally and leaving you with:

  • Nerves constrictions, due to pressure on your spine
  • Pain, sore neck and muscles, stiff shoulders
  • Dizziness, headaches, aches all over the body,
  • Discomfort in your stomach and digestive issues

And believe me, these issues if not taken care of properly can mess up one’s life. Constant headaches and stiffness in the upper body blocks your concentration. When the tension caused by pressure on nerves builds up, there is possibility of whole lot more of diseases affecting you. Bad circulation, due to blood vessels constriction, can lead to clots in your blood. And those are just the tip of the iceberg.

  • There might be problems with hearing or eyesight.
  • There is possibility of passing out from sudden strong pressure
  • Your mobility can get damaged and you might lose balance in your limbs.
  • Your stomach might be constantly upset from too much stress in your body.

You have one spine which holds your whole body. If it gets damaged, your freedom is gone. Appreciate it while you still can.


There are plenty of exercises to help your spine stay healthy. Yoga, Stretching, Back Bends, Neck Stretches or even standing straight with your back against the wall can help.


Get a good pillow and mattress. Since we spend a quarter of our life in bed, your spine will thank you for investing in proper bed.


Wearing shoes good for the spine does not have to mean dealing with ugly orthopedic shoes day by day. You can wear any shoe as long as they give you support for the spine, are comfortable and fit your feet. Too big, too small, too lose or too heavy, will all influence your posture while walking and speed up development of spine defects.


Everyone constantly tells you how to sit in that uncomfortable position. Actually, once you get used to sitting straight and include short breaks for little stretches and movement, you will find it indeed highly comfortable and relaxing. You do not feel as much pressure on your back and at the end of the day you feel more relaxed.


Your spine needs vitamin D, calcium and magnesium. Deficiency of those will lead to your spine becoming brittle, soft and easily deformed.


Regular massage can improve the health of your back, release the tension. If you cannot get them regularly, once in a while is still better than never.


Most important – keep a proper posture at all times. Do not hunch or curl your shoulders. If you cannot remember to be straight, set yourself reminders and check your posture every time the alarm rings. If you don’t know how to find the proper posture – stand with your back against the wall and make sure the back of your head, back side of shoulders, your butt and back of your feet all touch the wall. You can also imagine a thread pulling tip of your head up.

In the beginning keeping proper posture might be painful. It takes a while to build proper habits. However, with daily exercises and changing sleeping habitat, you will manage to prevent further damage.

Article written by Dagmara Chen, a 26-year old entrepreneur based in Poland. This article is part of a series – The Lateral Journal

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