Nothing invites a watery red eyes 

than seeing our loved ones shot 

Right in front of us.

They swim in blood bath

During world wars.

we scream in heaviness

Scavenging  scanty streets for their body.

We offer sacrifices even 

to the gods who do not even know our name.

The earth is vast,

ample boulevards of tribulation,

the heaven seething at our manly deeds,

we made our soil a cannibal,

the skies became deaf even to the plundered,

we wallow in our own plight.

We have worn clothes for fashion,

the designers, the Versace, Gucci,

yet we are myopic to see,

our bodies are still slippery,

these wears aren’t fitting

until poverty, sorrow, corruption stops existing!

Do you feel me?

No independence until we detach the toxic wears.

Years are longing to return,

abodes of our fathers,

right there in the barren desert

where our belly never got pregnant,

where kings wear Danshiki,

and commoners ride on horses,

our homes not famined by the drought of hatred,

we are still dependent

if we fail to be repentant.

We worship the throne of turbulence,

the seas are stormy and never reconciling,

discharging horseshoe crabs is no myth,

without peace, we reside in thatched huts with skeleton bodies,

there is no peace until we gain liberty from uninvited troubles.

We are the offsprings of Adam,

our guns paved the way to our misfortune,

the air vomits at our breath,

dressed in our solomonial robes

our feet  are dented with lifeless lives,

maybe we should return to the class of our grandfathers

and discern  the way to live our forlorn lives.

There is no independence

until you bottle the snakes,

that dispatch us for their daily bread,

their venoms are designed with deception, pretence, lies and back bites,

we pray for love and harmony to reign within the hearts of those who call us brothers and still raise behind us their middle fingers.

Do we believe in forever

when our bullets can’t find their guns?

we await a time we would cross this bar of hatred,

and feed our tongues with words of unity.

The rich steal from us, the poor,

mock us and still emphasize with us,

do you not see?

our ribs are growing skinny

our souls are dying gently 

because we are starving quietly 

our body is freezing slowly,

from cold of poverty

there is no independence until we embrace social justice.

Our jury became injurious,

the gavel embracing our war fiends,

fighting for our blood,

abyss in the chain of our tribulation,

independence is at our doorstep,

only that we lost our key.

Our blackness is not a description of weakness,

stop racism!

We aspire nothing but the feeling of fulfillment,

Ignite a campfire filled with love ,

peace and harmony,

so we dance around it, 

each figure wearing 


preventing our bodies from the terrifying cold of violence and pain.


Davies Seun & Olumide Oripinye

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