I’m halfway through Othuke Ominiabohs’ Odufa: a Lovers Tale and it makes me cringe so hard.

If you’re a lover girl or guy, I guess this book would fulfil all your Romeo and Juliet romantic desires but its the most cringe book I’ve read in a very long time. Just like the title, the story follows these two lovers who navigate through the difficulties of young and a rather unorthodox type of love. Let me narrate in the most honest and simple way.

So there’s this guy, Tony, who finds out he’s hypertensive and can’t have kids. This heartbreaking news makes him sad and frustrated and he decides to give up on love and become a fuckboy who refuses to be romantically involved with anyone. Shortly after graduating from university he reconnects with one of his old sweethearts, Ulisi and her sister, Odufa. For some reason he’s so infatuated by her and her whole ‘Im so mysterious and fucked up’ persona. They embark on the most frustrating, unnecessary back on forth concerning their feelings. Tony makes it clear that he’s not interested in Ulisi and its her, Odufa, that he wants to be with. Odufa keeps giving him both red and green light as she’s so concerned about how her sister would react.

I don’t know if Odufa bathes with love charm because after Tony met her for some reason he couldn’t stop thinking about her and please don’t talk about ‘it’s true love’ before i vomit. Yeah so finally they started their relationship and it was filled with “I love you with all my heart” and all sorts of cheesy lines. The relationship quickly took a downturn when tony started beating her. After filling decking Odufa this was what happened.

Tears trickled down my face as I reached for her feet, bowing my head to hide my shame. Remorse sprang up from every fibre of my being bursting out in a loud wail. With words barely coherent, I begged for forgiveness.

She reached forward to stroke my head. “Tony please stop crying” she said, her voice hoarse and cracked.No!” I gasped, blinded by my tears. “I don’t deserve you. I am a monster.”

I closed the book after reading this and went to sleep, it’s not me Othuke is trying to frustrate. Did I mention all of this happened all within the first seventy pages of the book? this isn’t nearly half of book and it’s already so chaotic and toxic.

Alright so after this, he confesses his inability to father a child due to his hypertension and guess what Odufa said? Inasmuch as I want to reveal it so badly I can’t, it’ll be too much, if you want to find out you should buy the book!

I’ve actually gone way passed half of the book but I don’t want to ruin this major reveal for you all. If you love romance and most importantly Nigerian romance, this is definitely the book for you.

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