I’m halfway through Leye Adenle’s Easy Motion Tourist and it’s everything Nigeria is – but more exaggerated.

Easy Motion Tourist is a novel that follows the story of a british journalist, Guy Collins, posted to Nigeria to cover the upcoming elections. As expected, Guy is in for a treat as Nigeria shows him what she’s truly made of. A few days into his arrival, he’s caught up in the aftermath of a ritual killing that he soon learns is quite common during election periods. He’s rounded up by a few suspicious police officers mainly because he’s white and at the scene of a crime (must have been the police’s lucky day to find such a sweet catch like that). There’s also another character, Amaka, that seems quite important but i’m not yet sure why. In the last hundred and something pages, I’ve only watched her strategically seduce men at a bar and heroically save Guy from his torturous time at a regular Nigerian police station, nothing more yet.

I’m halfway through and it’s still kind of hard for me to get a grip on whose story it is. It’s a bit difficult because the POVs in each chapter keeps changing. I don’t particularly like it because it makes it harder for me to stay connect with the character, it’s almost like I’m blindsided with a new perspective.

Being the busy bee that I am, I’ve been quite slow getting through this book. I used to take the book everywhere, with hopes of me getting a chance to sneak through a few pages, but I noticed right away that this book isn’t one to read just anywhere. I found myself secretly dying reading through a few erotic pages while in public. It’s definitely not an outside book.

I really hope I get the chance to finish this book, I’ve read the second book (dont judge me, I didn’t know it was a sequel), When Trouble Sleeps and I absolutely loved it. This book has potential, I know it. Will Guy face Nigeria head on or will he be defeated by the frustrations of the land? There’s only one way to find out.

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