I’m halfway through reading Francesca Ekwuyasi’s Butter Honey Pig Bread and I can’t lie I’m loving it.

It’s a four part story that follows the lives of an ogbanje, or perceived ogbanje, Kambirinachi and her twin daughters Taye and Kehinde. These sisters have been estranged for many years after the ultimately betrayal occurred some ten years ago when they were young teens. I tried so hard to understand what could make sisters turn to strangers. I have sisters the mere thought of my sisters not wanting to talk to me moved me to tears. Since I’m only halfway through, the story is pretty much still unraveling.

It starts off with the troubles that come with Kambirinachi’s birth and why her mom believes she’s an ogbanje- an evil spirit that would deliberately plague a family with misfortune by repeated child births and deaths.

Shortly after we’re introduced to her daughter, Taye. She’s a chef who recently came home from Halifax, Canada. During her time in Halifax and beforehand London, she’d suffered one tragedy to the other. Now time with her sister, they’ve slowly begun their restoration journey. Her story also goes back and forth between her past life in Halifax and London’s and her present life’s at home in Lagos.

I’ve been loving it’s so far. It was super easy to connect with the sisters mainly because I have such a great relationship with mine. It normally take me a few days to read a book, a week tops. However I’ve been reading Butter Honey Pig Bread for months now and not because it’s boring but majorly because I’ve been reading the soft copy version. Hopefully I get a hold of the hard copy so I can finally know how the story.

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