“Grooming upcoming talent in the coolest colony of musicians and fans, through sharing of music and views within our social interaction platform”

In December 13th, 2013 we witnessed another additional platform to the Nigeria digital world. Being a tricky zone with much potential, lots of brands are taking bold steps in launching their respective platforms. One of such platform is, a web based entertainment platform that focuses on music.

As described by one its founders, Dapo Salami, “The ultimate aim is to offer a previously deficient avenue for musicians, especially the independent/unsigned upcoming artistes to share their music with fans at very little cost and extreme ease, a discussion platform for users to interact with each other and also a free stream internet radio. We will be introducing extra features to that which currently exists on the platform. And also many other premium features for those who wish to monetize their accounts and their music also.

Our target audiences are the upcoming talents who need a platform to freely share their music with their soon-to-be fans, the youth and young at heart who yearn for seamless access to new/old music and their desire to meet and interact with people daily. We at GRUMI expect to grow along with our users. All these and many more are expected to be rolled out within a few months with the launch of our mobile application.”


Oladapo Salami, also known as QD Salami is a social media practitioner with a little over 5 years experience in the new media scene. As a lover of the arts and music, he doubles as a photographer and a new media consultant. Haven worked with the likes of Gidilounge, 360nobs, he set up Grumi alongside longtime business partner Kofoworola Bhadmus in 2013, with the aim of building a platform which makes Nigerian music easily distributed and creating a level playing field for both established and upcoming artistes.


Born August 2nd, 1991, Kofoworola Bhadmus is a young extrovert and free mind whose imaginations and creativity have no limits. His love for music led him to the art of entertainment. Starting off as a “Facebook guy” for SKUKI/Daphella Entertainment in 2010 before joining Siren Entertainment in 2011 and Grumi in 2013. With brief stints in PR as well as several aspects of the entertainment business A&R, artist management and Kazebleek as he known is enjoying the experiences.


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