I lay in bed with my bestie, Rosefine as she chatted and gisted me about her man and how they were planning to go Dubai for the Christmas break. We had bought some new magazines and went internet surfing for the finest place one could chill for the season. She was a social media freak like myself and had bragged about her Dubai travel with her boo. She had so flaunted her boo on the gram that one would think they were married already. Her man Gregory was the finest man I have ever come across with – dark-skinned and tall; He was gentle, cheerful, ambitious and very intelligent and most importantly very rich. They had met at a friend’s birthday party that she was never invited to and trust my friend to always be on the look out for the ‘big fish.’

May. Maygood ooooooo.’ Rosefine screamed!

Hmmmm. Sorry. . . . . ‘

Where did your mind go?

Sorry. I . . . . . . .’ I stammered.

Whatever. I was saying that we should surf for the biggest shopping mall in Dubai where I can buy all the best designers wears. Who knows? Maybe, Greg is going to propose’ her mouth opened in awe and excitement.

I grinned ‘Lucky girl. You sure have those beautiful fantasies in your head.’

Common now’ she said, as she started shaking her butt in excitement.

I laughed out loud. ’She is one of a kind.’ I thought.


I was dressed for our friend’s boutique opening. Stephanie was one of my newest friend who I met through Rosefine while we were out shopping. Rosefine had just started dating Greg and he was spoiling her. She had bought very expensive things which she was going to flaunt on the gram and I guessed Stephanie approached her because of her expensive items. They had clicked immediately and she had made it known to us that she was planning to open her boutique soon. 

I looked into the mirror and admired my thigh-red gown paired with gold heels and accessories. I had gone for a ponytail style and had my makeup done. Everyone wanted to flaunt and live the gram style. Rosefine had agreed to come pick me up as just as I expected she was dressed to outshine everyone.

Wow, your dress looks so beautiful and wait, I thought Greg was coming with you.’ I said.

If Greg was coming with me, I wont have bothered to come pick you up and thanks for the compliment’ she grinned.

‘Oh’ well, that came out bad. She never invited me to any event she and Greg were attending, not like I cared.


Stephanie’s event was glamorous and too outshining. She had invited some gossip and smile-faked friends to the event. We all took turns chatting, taking pictures, buying some clothes and giving everyone and anyone else dry and smile-faked faces. Rosefine had hooked up with a guy who was a celebrity fashion designer and very masculine in every way. One could tell he had very good sex drives. They had exchanged numbers and here I am tushing up her ‘makeup’ for her date with Mac-Hill Richard.

Your good to go. You look very beautiful’ I smiled.

Hmmmm. Thank you. Don’t ask me what went down when I am back’ she laughed.

I was wondering what she had told Greg where she was going to spend her night. Maybe as usual, she had told him she was going to sleep over at my place. And of course, as a loyal friend, I am ever ready to back her up. This Christmas season was bubbling for Rosefine while I was here ‘Single and Happy but Bothered.’

I needed to go out, Maybe take some fresh air and breathe the life of a single lady. Well, I should also wear my best outfit too.

I confidently walked into a fancy jewelry shop; not really looking for something to buy but just to feed my eyes.

‘May?’ A voice over me asked.

I turned round and Greg was standing right before me, surprised. ‘I thought you are suppose to be at an event with Rosie. . . . ‘ He looked round, still surprised.

‘Emmmm…..’ I swallowed. An idea should come into my head right now. ‘I. . . .I decided not to go with Rosie cuz I lost my IV and I also needed to shop for some new accessories’ I faked a smile ‘What are you doing here?’

Oh. Here, I wanted to buy this for Rosie, I wanted to surprise her with these’

He showed me a glittering expensive silver necklace ‘So beautiful’ I cried.

What was I even still doing here and what brought me here in the first place? Yes I know, I had sighted Gregory from the cab and didn’t know what pushed me into the jewelry shop pretending I wanted to buy something too. I should run home now!

Are you done shopping too? I can give you a ride!’

I smiled ‘Okay. Thanks.


I lay in the comfort of my bed smiling and giggling to myself. The night was going to be a long one as I thought of my conversation with Greg. He had such good spirit and so cheerful; Why would Rosefine do that to Greg. So bad of her, I thought.  I should call him to know if he arrived home safely. You shouldn’t be thinking of how I got his number; afterall, I was Rosefine bestie.

‘Hey’ The voice over the phone calmly said.

Are you still on the road’ I asked, surprised.

You wont believe this. I made a U-turn to buy some earrings. What’s a necklace without a fitting earrings but to be honest, I have no idea of the type of earrings that would match

I laughed hard. ‘You are so funny. Don’t worry, Let me come over and help you select the finest ones.’

I hung up immediately and stopped a cab straight back to the jewelry shop. I had changed to a casual thigh gown and put on extra makeup and perfume. He was going through the sets of jewelries when I arrived, I helped him select the best earrings that fits the necklace he bought.

Wow, you are good, That’s smart. Well, I am going to compensate you by buying you one.’ He smiled.

‘Let’s have dinner too. The night is still young’ I laughed jokingly.

He shrugged and accepted the offer. We talked, chatted and laughed as I kept initiating new topics to get us going; I was so good at that.

Okay, this is it and I guess it’s okay to say it. I ended up in his house, half-drunk, on his bed and very eyed opened as I moaned in the sensation of the night pleasure.


I think you should tell Rosefine. I won’t tell her myself.’ I said.


What is what? Are you going to break up with her? Greg, I am not going to look into your eyes again and pretend everything is okay when we see again. You should tell her or I will. Its easier not to battle with your emotions. I would see you again later this evening’ I said.

I was furious at myself and at him too. This wasn’t a game. Rosefine needed to know what happened. If she wanted to fall on an emotional roller coaster; She could rely on ‘Mac-Hill Richard’. I was going to tell her anyway.

You bitch! Back-stabbing bitch!’ She yelled at me.

I kept my composure, I should be yelling too. It was a fair game!

‘You have always wanted him right? I always knew it. You have always been jealous of me! Bitch! So you want us to break up right? So you can have him?’ She kept screaming. If there was a bottle around her, she could have hit my head with it!

‘I think that’s the best thing to do’ I said, calmly. She attacked me, I wasn’t going to go down again as we fell on-top each other, biting, cursing, grabbing and pounding. We were exhausted when we pulled out, I grabbed my bag and left.


I was nursing my wounds when I heard a knock on my door. I staggered and opened it and it was Greg. He stepped back in surprise, I must look a mess!

Don’t ask cuz you already know.’ I said.

She cheated too. You lied.’ He said with a frown on his face’

Just forget it.’ I said. ‘I have been getting calls, texts and my social media has been buzzing. I have been hashtagged #mansnatcher #snitch #backstabber and a #cheat’

He sighed. ‘Well, I think you should forget about that and see to your wounds. You should go to a clinic.’

No, I am fine’

Here, I brought you the jewelries you forgot at my place that I bought for you

Oh, thank you so much’ I smiled.

I smiled again and looked into his eyes. It seemed what happened the previous night was done again but this time it was more sensual and satisfying. I wasn’t a #backstabber this time around.


I was dressed for class; dressed for the Christmas season. My gram followers had increased and somehow there was a new hashtag #baeoflife #couplegoals. I opened an online hair store and it was buzzing! Things were going very well! I smiled as Greg held out his hands, we walked side by side as we entered his private plane; This time, it wasn’t to Dubai but to Paris where we would have a vacation together in the finest private island.

Cheers to the spirit of Christmas! I laughed out hard!

This article was written by Sandra Okenwa; connect with her on IG here

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