Gino Fracchiolla is the founder of Infiniti Marketing Group, a full scale, white-glove public relations, marketing, and digital media firm. He currently represents a lengthy list of very impressive players, not just in Los Angeles but worldwide. Having founded Infiniti Marketing Group back in late 2017, his company hit the ground running and quickly became the go to for some of the hottest realtors in the country. When one of his biggest clients was asked regarding why they chose Gino, they replied “Simple.  He just gets it, he knows what we need before we need it. And he’s got connections for everything. To know Gino is to love him” 

After mastering the basics, Gino started expanding vertical by vertical and perfecting every of its product and service, until IMG became the well oiled, high performance machine that it is today. 

Most PR agents are quick to clout chase and wave their celebrity clients in everyone’s face. Gino Fracchiolla chooses to take the strong, silent approach and keep things on the hush. “I’m not trying to be recognized for the clients that I have, I’m trying to be recognized for the quality of work that my company does” Whether you’re an A-lister or a local mom and pop, you’re going to get treated the same.

Gino Fracchiolla currently represents over 173 local brick and mortar businesses in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego County. On any given day you can find Gino whipping around with his top back on his way to meet with one of his clients at their place of business or for lunch at a trendy vegan cuisine. At first glance, you would think Gino himself is a celebrity. By the car that he drives, the rolex on his wrist, and the $2500 tennis shoes on his feet. “I’m in the big leagues. I operate in the belly of the beast. I deal with some major players. I need to let people know that I’m a player too”

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