In the words of Ariana Grande, just like magic, the holiday season is here! It’s crazy to think that it’s already November 2021! But we are more thankful that we have all made it this far. It’s that time of the year when you start thinking about carols, Christmas trees, Christmas turkey, and most importantly, gifts and gift-giving. Searching for the perfect gift for your loved ones every year can be a hassle; it’s not an easy job, especially when it’s for your partner. You want to spice things up every year and keep them guessing.

As we already established, great perfumes are a way to create an image for yourself. Furthermore, having his and her perfumes is a fun way to deepen your bond with your partner, establish a couple image, and give you something extra in common. So, if you’re still looking for a holiday gift for your partner, consider his and hers perfumes, since it will not only be a gift for them, but also for yourself.

Here are a few His and Her’s designer perfumes that you can get:

Christian Louboutin Beauty Loubiraj & Loubirouge

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Gentle Fluidity Silver and Gold

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud Satin Mood and Baccarat Rouge540

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