With recent happenings and views on youth lives today, there are misconceptions about being successful and being fulfilled. There are major differences existing between fulfillment and success. Many youths today have taken several paths just to be able to have money in account, drive exotic cars and spend as much they wish to spend at any given period. But this act is purely focusing on success. There is no fulfillment that exists in focusing mainly on riches.

I’d follow this up by stating that, being fulfilled might lead you to success, as every fulfillment has an aorta of success, but being successful as many times possible has no fulfillment whatsoever in it. It’s just for the act of this is what I want to do. If there is a mistake we youth make today, it is not realizing how important our fulfillment is in our lives, who doesn’t have the love for money.

As a matter of fact, being fulfilled has this positive vibes as most determination comes from self-acknowledgement while being successful comes from both the positive and negative vibes; it’s climbing each other to get to the top. Being successful is really important in every life too, but being successful doesn’t necessarily deal with money, it might be against a doctor who performed a surgery successfully with all amazing skills but with every lack of fulfillment on his profession. Why, this wasn’t his choice or self-acknowledgement, it’s all just a career chosen for the fun and reserving state of it. This applies exact same way in a relationship, my friend got into a relationship but with all vanity it has no success, all there is to it is the fulfillment she has, she enjoyed every bit of the moments she spent within the years, but it led nowhere. She had no success out of this relationship but with every self-acknowledgement and happiness, she’s fulfilled with the relationship she has that bore no success, because for her she had everything she needed for another journey.

Same with the guy that has the thought of creating an organization for every suffering and depressed youth, no gain, no success even in terms of wealth but as he started his plan and moving along the path of creating smile in his fulfillment, he found an aorta of success in his fulfillment.

Being fulfilled has greater differences to being successful and this the youths of today needs to understand. Are you fulfilled? Or just successful. Are u fulfilled successfully? Or just successfully fulfilled?


This article was written by Adewole Adejoju; connect with her on IG here

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