Love has in no way died; not in a thousand years, and even though we are in the eye of the hurricane with a daily growing body count, the stirrings of the heart has a way of letting us know that love cannot be ignored, even in a pandemic.

So with that heartwarming fact in place, how do we go about finding love while ensuring that we are safe while doing so?

We have a few tips to help you sort through the matters of the heart in a safe and healthy manner that will not put you or yours in any unnecessary danger. Here they are:


A few days ago a body cam video of a cop questioning a young man somewhere in America went viral. After discovering that they had about 20 people in a house party, as opposed to the state-accepted number of 10. The cop went further to call in and check on the guy’s health status and was shocked to find out that the guy throwing the party had tested positive to covid about a week ago.

But that’s way over in America where someone’s health status can be instantly ascertained, right? But there are ways to investigate somebody over here that may not be as sophisticated, but may nevertheless be effective.

When was the last time you travelled abroad and where did you go? What’s the last party you attended and where? Do you know anyone who tested positive to covid recently? The answers to these questions, cleverly asked behind the safety of a mask, may determine whether you agree to date two or not.


This is one of those times when sex should be intentionally put off the table, unless of course the subject has a week-old certificate showing they are covid-free. No point enjoying a good romp only to be flagged as infectious and locked away, a few days later. Enjoy some conversation and good food and for once in your life keep your libido in check; it might just save your life.


It is better, not to mention safer, to do all your flirting online because then all you are really risking is your data.  Make promises, send nudes, sext recklessly, all from the comfort of your home and behind a computer screen with the promise of a no holds-barred session, once a vaccine is announced or the virus gets frustrated and leave, whichever comes first. This may seem frustrating at first, but it will keep you sane in the end, knowing that you haven’t exposed yourself in any way to someone you aren’t too sure about their covid status.

That’s it, life saving tips to help you manage how and who you date in a pandemic ridden world. 

Stay safe.

This article was written by Henri ‘Yireconnect on Instagram with him here

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