Injuries and staging major comebacks are parts of sport. Some athletes have suffered career-ending injuries- some made it back; some just took rehabilitation serious and got back to their best form. Even when they get back, it is evident some lose their gifts and are never able to reach that potential fans saw in them before the nightmare that led to those injuries.

Last week saw news making round as Santi Cazorla of Arsenal Football Club confessed to Gangrene as the major factor to him on the sidelines for such a long time. The diminutive Spaniard has gone through the knife eight different times. At a point, he needed skin grafts because the ankle fracture kept eroding his Achilles tendon. The wounds he suffered during surgery continued to open – he suffered from gangrene. The worst thing that could have happened was him getting his foot amputated. Another athlete who saw threat from gangrene was Anthony Allen, rugby player for Leicester. The severity was overturned through the expertise of the club surgeon.

Blood plays a vital function in health. With the fact that it transports oxygen to parts of body that requires it, it also delivers infection-fighting antibodies that protect the body from diseases. When the blood cannot perform these roles, the cells are liable to die, infections might develop and tissues can die from gangrene. Any condition that influences the flow of blood increases risk of gangrene including diabetes, smoking, trauma or serious injuries, fracture, obesity.

Although, tissues affected by gangrene cannot be saved, quick treatment can prevent progressive menace it incites. The use of antibodies has been shown to have a little remedy to the condition. The most common one is surgery. Skin grafts have been used to cover the affected surface, as in the case of Cazorla whose skin from his arm was used as grafts.


This article was written by Alex Ndace; he tweets via @AlexNdace

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