Fantasies of a bright, beautiful and blossoming future are embedded in the minds of every individual. When I was a child, I wanted to be a doctor, gynaecologist, paediatrician, you name it, but as I grew older I boarded another train of thought. Many a times in a day, I wandered from dream to dreams. Then, it dawned on me that the course of the life we live is guided by our deeds and misdeeds. What we engage ourselves determines to a large extent where we might be in the future. Although, what we leave untouched plays a major role too. In other words, the ball in our court is all ours to do bid where we wish.

Time changes; five years ago we were five years younger than we are today. The millions of dreams we had then might have changed with time, and in a split of moments we realise we’re not getting any younger. In fact we are jolted to the realisation that time seems to be zooming off to God knows where. Every journey starts with a step, and all we need do is trust the process. Planning is important but much more is acting. Acting on the dreams we have is the ticket to the actualization of the bright, beautiful and blossoming fantasy of our anticipated future.

However, when time skitters away and our competency in doing nothing stares us in the face, I suppose the dreaded feeling of panic comes to play and you start to wonder, “oh my gosh, what’s going on, I’ve got to do something …”

The death of a dream should be the birth of another. You can try again and again or take another plan. That’s the life we live in. It is worthy of note that a bright, beautiful and blossoming future is not made of just one dream, but as many dreams as possible that can be borne of a particular purpose.

So, if a plan no longer leads to your purpose then, tread another path, and think of something new. The future is not bleak unless you make it dark and blurry but, you can create the future you want. You probably are a teenager, a young, middle or older adult; it’s never late to become better. You can ultimately exterminate the fear that’s eating you up by stepping out into the unknown. Step into the wild, let go off, your fears and live. There’s so much we can achieve if we bind our fears and kick it in the butt.

Let’s do the needful; our purpose is beyond us and our future awaits us.


This article was written by Gloria Oyewusi; connect with her on IG here


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