Commercial pilot and blooming real estate mogul, Ryan Tseko, does not believe in creating unnecessary carriers between himself and his investors — prospective and current. Asked what differentiates his company, Cardone Capital, from others in the real estate industry, he said: “Compared to our competition. Our investors have direct access to Grant and myself.”

“We have cut out all middlemen so there are no additional fees or charges when they invest with us. We are the pathfinders in this industry and will continue to be because we are highly focused on customer service and Investor Relations.”

Transitioning from being a pilot to CEO of Cardone Capital, Grant Cardone, to the number two at the company is one of Tseko’s biggest achievements. “I made a discernable shift from flying to managing Cardone Capital,” he says. “In direct correlation to my innate management and entrepreneurial mindset, I was able to dramatically grow Cardone Capital to its current stature.”

Remarkably, Ryan Tseko has been able to achieve an unprecedented feat due to his attention to investors’ relation. “In the last 25 months, Grant, I and the team were able to raise over $430,000,000 via Crowd Funding alone, a feat that no company or individual has ever conquered,” he admits.

Going on, he added: “I have been working for Grant Cardone the last seven years. I realized early on that Grant’s social media following would be a great fit and partnership for our multi-family projects. We were able to raise money from Grant’s friends, family, social media followers and more.”

For the future, Cardone Capital is at work on a series of deals that would net them over $100 million. “We are currently working on three monster deals,” Ryan says, “Our next deal is $125 million located in South Florida. Two right behind it. Buying great quality real estate and partnering with great investors for a long-term cash flow and appreciation.”

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