Business requires winning strategies to succeed, and it is a fact that thousands of businesses fold daily at both start-up and growth stages. Many business owners have found themselves at a crossroad where the most tempting option is to throw in the towel but few are able to wade through the problems and come out victorious. Business failure is avoidable if the business is well executed.

The business sphere is a delicate space that can easily swallow one’s confidence and self esteem in the event of failures and in order to prevent these at all the stages of a business, an entrepreneur has to adopt the following methods:

  • Location

This is the first major decision in the execution of a business plan. Locate a business where there is ample need for its offerings and also ascertain the purchasing power of the inhabitants of the business location before sitting the business. And in addition to this, ensure quality at all times. A bad location can cripple a great business dream as a result of low or no patronage at all leading to business failure.

  • Team

Make sure you have a team that is ready to work assiduously towards success all the time. It should contain people with the right drive, confidence, innovative drive and creativity to keep things going smoothly at all times. A team that is motivated well enough internally with focus on success can always overcome the challenges of doing business.

  • Effective Marketing

At every stage in a business, success is only guaranteed through effective marketing. Your marketing efforts should be coordinated in a manner that it should bring forth positive results.

  • Decisions Making

This is one of the most vital aspects of doing business; your decisions should be prompt, accurate and positive. Business that does not decide early on technological advancement, modern business trends etc tends to lose out easily to other competing firms.


This article was written by Sule Muhammed Lawwal

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