If there is one fashion trend that has proven to withstand the test of time, it’s Denim. Since its introduction in the mid-19th century, denim has made it widely clear that it is here to stay, not leaving our wardrobes anytime soon. Sometimes, I love to think of denim as a clingy ex-lover; no matter how hard you try to get over it, you still find yourself loving it. 

One of the reasons denim is regarded as a timeless trend is largely due to the cool effect it provides to its wearer. Also, there is its unique ability of versatility; could be worn for various occasions, and can transform a formal outfit into a casual one. 

Owning a denim item is very important, which is why in this article, we listed four denim items every lady should have.

  • Jeans

At least 20% percent of the world population own a pair of denim jeans. Nothing screams ‘Hey! Look at me’ better than a gorgeous pair of denim jeans. Wearing denim jeans is sure to have all eyes on you, especially when styled right. 

Style tip: For starters, you could decide to wear denim jeans paired with a floral print off-shoulder top, and a pair of fabulous black ankle boots. 

  • Jackets 

Looking for a jacket that elevates your appearance and makes you look effortlessly cool? Think no further, the denim jacket is the perfect fit. This has to be my favorite denim item, because not only does it go well with several outfits, it is also one of the few clothing items that can be worn by both genders. 

Style tip: Planning to wear a plain short gown, you could add a denim jacket to give your look the extra spice it needs. 

  • Boots 

Fashion is all about self-expression, and what better way to express oneself than becoming a trendsetter. Denim boots are not usually every lady’s go-to choose because it involves critical styling decisions. However, remember you are not just any lady, you are the IT girl. So, take a fashion risk by buying a stunning pair of denim thigh-high or knee-length boots. 

Style tip: Express yourself in an oversized plain white shirt and a pair of knee-length denim boots. 

  • Totes bags 

Canvas totes bags are becoming a boring cliché, so it’s time you upgrade your taste. There are three benefits of having a totes bag: a) makes you look amazing, b) environmentally friendly, and (c) elevates your look to a super stylish level. 

Style tips: Add that extra pop of color to a monotone outfit with a beautiful denim totes bag. 


There you go, Ladies. Now go check your wardrobe to ensure you are not missing any of these items. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends; sharing is caring. And always remember, it’s hard to do wrong with denim. Thank you.

This article was written bDotun Adido; connect with him on Instagram via here 

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