It was the year 1950, and a crowd of over 120,000 people, including His Royal Highness King George VI, and Queen Elizabeth had gathered at Silverstone to witness what would be the first ever world championship F1(Formula One) race. Among the racers were a Swiss baron, a Thai prince and a well-known Jazz musician.

The race was a successful one, but no one had anticipated that down the line, drivers would die through accidents in races, and huge amounts of money would be lost. However, it has now been 70 years since the inception of this sport and it continues to thrive, leaving us with the question: What has made it thrive through several decades, despite its previous setbacks?

Read on as we explore the answers to this question and show you the exceptional qualities of this Motorsport.

The Thrills

Only very few experiences can compare to driving an open-wheeled, single-seat race car at top speeds over 300kmph, competing against other similar drivers. It is only natural for fans and spectators to be wowed and thrilled by the sheer speed and dexterity of the drivers.

The Glamour and Technology

Formula 1 can be said to be a fusion of sport and technology. This is why millions of dollars are spent by teams in building and improving their cars each season, with each car costing anywhere between $10million and $20million.

Also, there’s much grandiose and finesse to it, with celebrities making appearances at various races and elaborate celebrations occurring at the end of each race.

The Race Venues

Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit (Australia), Bahrain International Circuit (Bahrain), Hanoi Circuit (Vietnam), Marina Bay Street Circuit (Singapore), Shanghai International Circuit (China). These and many more are F1 race tracks located in various countries.

Without doubt, each destination has a unique impact on each race and giving each its own peculiar twist and exciting drama.

F1 in 2020

Today’s Formula 1 racing requires full-time professional drivers, many of whom started racing from their teenage years. It involves 10 racing teams namely: Mercedes, Ferrari, McLaren, Haas, Renault, Alfa Romeo, Racing Point, AlphaTauri, Williams, and Red Bull Racing. The teams each have two drivers, making it a sum of 20 racers per race.

Formula 1 has had its own share of setbacks due to the COVID-19 pandemic, causing many earlier scheduled races to be postponed. However, revision of the 2020 calendar is currently ongoing and there are plans to get back into full racing at some point by summer.

Want to Belong?

Fascinated by this sport and would love to be able to relate better with it? You can check the official website – –, and YouTube page – Formula1 –, or watch on cable TV to catch up on previous races, discover all there is to know about it, and become familiar with the motorsport.

So, go on and join in on all the excitement and thrills Formula One racing has to offer!

This article was written by Victor Oladutemu; connect with him on Instagram via here  

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