As an infant child, I lost the joy of fatherhood. He lived, but not long enough to see the man I turned into. Since then, I’ve lived my youth, living to live well, not just for my own sake, but for my mother’s sake. Growing up as a youth, came with the lifestyle of drug /alcohol addiction, cultism, violence and aimless roaming in the street.

I chose education rather than embrace the trending youthful lifestyle. It wasn’t just for my sake, but for the sake of my mother and deceased father. Education is the key to unlocking a bright future, but not to the illiterate youth on the street. The cost of education is indeed pricy, but not as pricey as the price one has to pay to live aimlessly. Rather than choose the exuberant youthful lifestyle, I chose education despite the price I had to pay.

Though we don’t have much, the little we had, was much more than the much we had not. I come from a home where little is much, and having more than little, is more than having more than enough. More than much is expected of me and performing above excellence is the price I must pay for my mother’s sake.

Nothing less than the best was expected of me and I’ve set goals never to bring reproach or shame to my family. I am the son of my father and the beloved child of my mother. Mother prides herself in seeing that I come out with Honor in my quest to achieve my dreams. Since then, I’ve paid the price of studying and denying myself sleep, just so I can achieve my set goals of becoming the very best. I am like a wounded lion, fighting against all odds to survive. I’ve endured all and disciplined myself to remain focused, knowing I am the hope of my mother. This look on my face is filled with thoughts of how best a strategy I can deploy to keep moving until the very end.

These texts and books you see, are the eggs I must smash to gain excellence. Since the demise of my father, I vowed to bring him honor and make my mother proud by becoming the best. My journey hasn’t been easy, but no matter what, I must never give up. I’ll do my best to live and achieve my dreams. I’ll try my best, not just for my own sake, but for my mother’s sake. Mother has always wished that while I live, I do well to live well, and while I live well, I try my best to achieve all my dreams. I am Malachi, the beloved son of my mother and the pride of my father.

This article was written bMbagu Valentine; connect with him on Instagram via here 

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