I have a fondness for football, it’s just more than a flirting longing, the football pitch is a university in a way. One can learn about obligations, duties and morality, it possesses potent forms of consciousness, there are witnesses whose emotions are appealed to in order to evoke feelings from them.

Football represents the human struggle, our ups and downs, the unbalance between reality we experience and our unconscious craving.

Between chasing a career, love, justice, a dream home and chasing a ball, there is no difference. Football encompasses human struggle, cognitive dissonance, teamwork, individualism, boredom, psychic tumult, disillusionment, luck, defiance of odds.

Football possesses great wisdom about life in a right in your face kind of way, not from a distance. Nepotism cannot take one far in football, it requires talent, skills, sacrifice, respect, authenticity plus conformity, adaptations. The referee can be seen as someone who tries to maintain order, the same can be said of our super structures.

People’s true nature is revealed to them in the intense struggle of football, it strips off the characters they wear in the social realm.

There lies a certain magic in football, it blasts away all intrusive thoughts, worry and anxiety, it’s an arena of timelessness. It possesses a spiritual secret, strips everyone of his or her biography, perception is filtered into sight and reaction as if an invincible string guides the player, you only realize you have pulled off a magic seconds after you have done that, you are immersed in that world and it feels like a timeless play.

It is a microsom of existence, a certain absurdity and a spiritual elevation. Imagine twenty two players, in a field shaped into four corners, these twenty two players have to run across and along lines and circles chasing a sphere and then kicking it into a goal post. It may seem meaningless but football is not spared the struggles, despair, joy, lessons, shades of life. Most of our pettiness, insecurity, irrationality, struggles seems meaningless too, Football is an imitation of life.

Supporting or playing for a team is an investment, a team may win and keep winning but must eventually lose. Football is akin to our eternal chase of happiness, the spectators do return game after game, all all hoping to experience the same sensation, moments of magic, just that timelessness, an immersion in wells of delirium.

This article was written bPeter Clever; connect with him on Instagram via here  

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