I dreamt of the crows again. Those black messengers of death, circling me, swarming me. Their caw blocking out all other sounds, strangling even the voice of hope that lay in my heart. I dreamt of the crows again and this time it was more than a dream, my love. It was a message, a premonition. It would be over soon, you say, you’’ll be set free. But I do not believe that.

There was a time when we were all we could be, our love could seemingly move mountains, my wealth could buy you a palace, so big and majestic it would draw the envy of even kings, but that was then, now neither our love nor all of my wealth can help us.

A life I have taken, a life that was never mine to take, all because of your honor, our honor, and now I fear for my life, our lives, our love. I am a man of only physical strength, never have I been as strong as you are, my love,  it amazes me, how you can still put up a smile amidst the pain. When all I can think of is the shame you would have had to face if he had had his way, if I had not taken his life, that beast of man. I took a life….I did it for you, I should be proud, but all I feel is emptiness.

I protected your honor, from him, but it should have been through another means, not with savage hands. At the end, I shall lose you, my moon and my stars, the petals of our love shall wither off, I know it, for what business do the condemned have with the free. It shouldn’t be this way, but society won’t let it.

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