Disney Martinez born January 14th 1989 is a fitness instructor/expert and an absolute role model to entrepreneurs, mothers, the health-centric, and all women searching for self-reliance. But how did she come to sit atop this mountain of achievements in her life? The driving force behind her most hard-earned and impressive pathway to greatness is her natural talent as an entrepreneurial social media influencer.

Through her uncommonly subliminal approach to social media influence and a supreme work ethic burning in her soul since birth, Disney efficiently advertises a multitude of products. The key is that she does not do so through the use of the constant ham-fisted, in-your-face product placement we endure so often today. Alongside her husband Jorge and under the Instagram handle FitCouple, she makes their success story speak for itself. They vivaciously live the life we all want to live, and nothing seems fake about it. Two passionate romantics who seem fated as soulmates, two energetic, loving children, the American dream embodied in a single family…why wouldn’t you want what they have? It is this unfeigned purity that people pick up on, building a trust and a desire to imitate. Disney does not taint this innate sincerity with any contrived, greedy business ventures; she merely takes advantage of her natural gift in the way only a person born to wheel-and-deal like a pro could. 

The confident master of her own destiny, Disney Martinez allows the ends to advertise the means. She is strong, she is self-assured, and she uses her success as a platform to empower other women to feel the same. You just cannot fake her style of marketing. Just take a quick browse of the 31 year old’s instagram account and see for yourself. You will quickly end up asking “how do I get where she is in every way?” Her seemingly effortless grind is truly an anomaly among modern day success stories. On a playing field full of schemers and dreamers, she stands out as a driven, genuine, passionate mother and wife…who could easily sell snow cones in an ice storm.

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