Feminism, an ideology geared towards establishing social, political and economic equality for the female gender. The concept of feminism is one that dates back to the 18th century, and has been presented in varying forms; the women’s suffrage movement of the 18th –early 20th century, the women’s liberation movement that occurred during 1960 – 1980, and the use of the social media to oppose harassment and violence against women (2012 – till date), being just a select few amongst the numerous cries for gender equality. 

In recent times, feminism has been a subject of a lot of arguments, especially on social media platforms i.e Twitter. The remarks by aggrieved females and the subsequent replies by males and other females, who disagree with their mindset, calling them “bitter and heartbroken”, seem to continue in a continuous loop. Quite a number of times, the females in question fail to grasp the concept behind feminism.

They see feminism as independence from men and sometimes even superiority over men. Admittedly, the quote “what a man can do, a woman can do better” does not seem to help matters. The statement clearly, but most likely unintentionally, points to the superiority of the female gender. This clearly goes against the basic tenets of feminism; equality between all genders.

The response of some males also tends to aggravate such arguments. It is not news that some males are sticklers for the erroneous belief that the female gender is inferior. “Women are weaker vessels” being the most frequently used phrase by members of this school of thought. Such remarks by the males in question, tend to anger and elicit disgust from those who disagree with them.

The reality of the issue is that in a significant number of instances, both parties lack proper insights into what feminism is all about. The supposed pro-feminists mistake feminism for misandry, while their anti-feminist counterparts see it as alien.

Contrary to what any misled party believes, the focus of feminism is EQUALITY.

Feminism is all about letting the female gender stand as true equals to their male counterparts, regardless of race or background.

The women’s suffrage movement fought to give females their right to vote and to run for a political position in elections. In early times, women were not allowed to cast votes or be voted for in elections. This led to mass protests worldwide at various points in time, to demand their rights to vote.

Establishing the right to work and earn returns is also another aim of feminism. Quite a lot of females are disallowed to work for their own income. Some business owners prefer hiring males to females based on certain prejudices. Some husbands even believe their wives belong at home, taking care of the children and engaging in household chores.

We all should learn to understand that feminism as a concept is an avenue for development. It is an opportunity for humanity to move forward and should not be misinterpreted by anyone.

This article was written by Oludare Timothy; connect with him on Instagram via here  

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