We were born with feelings and ever since then they have become a driving factor in our lives as we constantly adjust to our external environment which has a direct effect on these feelings we nurture.

But our feelings transcend the ordinary as it takes different forms and sometimes exists in the most unimaginable way.
Our feelings give rise to our change in behavior that manifests itself as emotions; feelings and emotions work hand in hand to dispense our outward reaction and inward perception of the world and its entities, these two elements continue to be pivotal in the role of our interaction with our immediate surroundings, although science has distinctively put these two elements in their place but nothing still changes their vulnerability to each other which certainly makes their similarity gives room for interchangeability when used in construction of grammars and sentences.

Emotions are only well channeled by minds that have mastered the working of life’s unpredictable mechanisms and at times some people are just blessed with instinctual prowess, however this does not debunk those who lose control of their emotions as weak and fragile, it only signifies that emotions and feelings are very delicate and must be nurtured with extreme care even the strongest minds are liable to breakdown due to emotional disorder and negative feelings.

Some people feel the weight of the world on their shoulders which is of no surprise, life, from the onset was bound to confront us with hard times which will definitely alter our feelings and a particular age these hard times may tend to reoccur most is during the teen-age, teenagers are prone to face a lot of challenges and are likely to be exploited by them during their welcoming stage as adults, they begin to be exposed to the stranger world and what being human truly means, this comes as a surprise to their mental and emotional state as these faculties of the senses begin to figure out numerous ways to process the changes that are being inducted and this may by any chance make or break them that’s why when you see a wayward teenager filled with attitudes showcasing rascality, what comes to your mind is one of those 21st century youths who has no manners and courtesy of any sort meanwhile deep inside they are totally shattered and lost within their mixed feelings and emotions, many a times the life the certain teenager is living becomes what he is accustomed to and sees no reason to change his course in the foreseeable future but it’s must be a task upon each and every one of us to guide and care after each other – no matter how lost one may seem there’s still a voice within his subconscious state that haunts him and reminds him of what inner peace truly means all we need is someone to echo this voice so we may finally hear how our soul craves freedom from It’s own vessel.

Well I think it’s safe to say words can best be shared through lines of rhymes expressing feelings unquantified.


This article was written by Ibrahim Idris; connect with him on IG here

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