I connected to the spirit and mentality of what he was saying. And it inspired me to go out and conquer my life,” BankyW had this to say about Jay-Z.

Speaking about his purpose of making music, Jay-Z said, “I try to make music with emotions and integrity.” “[In a position where people look up to you,] your job is to inspire people.

Between the two, Jay-Z and BankyW, there is perhaps nothing more than a relationship between an artiste and a fan. BankyW and Jay-Z might not have a personal relationship but what they share, has inspired the two to become greats, although, at different ends of the pole. Jay-Z is conscious about inspiring his fans; Banky is smart to search the right places for inspiration.

I would like to think that this is a model relationship between an artiste and a fan, one that should form a major part of the framework of any artiste-fan relationship. It should not be based on the frequency at which artistes give handouts to fans or the number of times artistes say, ‘I love my fans’. These are only like icing to the cake.

I believe that principally, an artiste would do more by influencing fans through his/her music and personal life. A fair relationship between an artiste and a fan should be symbiotic in nature; where the two get to benefit from each other.

Personally, I’d prefer the kind of relationship that Jay-Z and Banky share.  Jay ‘stinks of success’ for the millions of records he sold, the awards he bagged, the deals he nailed and the life he is living. Through his music and lifestyle, he has inspired people like BankyW to follow in his path to success; money, fame and a dream woman. Banky too has been able to inspire a younger generation of creatives through his works and that it is how it works in the long line of legends.

Usually, artistes get to make money from putting out their records, also, with the fame and other perks, artistes get to fulfill their personal aspirations; but what does a fan get other than a good sound to dance to and a chance to see how artistes spend the money they make?

It might be called entertainment but some people are being served a two-course meal; entertainment and inspiration. I think I want that too. I would really like to enjoy a good dance and fantasize about resting the weight of my head on the thighs of a night lady, but more than that, I want to see my bigger dreams turn to reality; like it happened for Banky listening to Jay, like it did for Jon Bellion listening to Kanye. That’s how I’d get perpetual bliss, what some other people call fulfillment.

As you might already know, music is a powerful tool that could travel to even the farthest and deepest part of the earth (I hear they sing in heaven too and I look forward to it). To a lot of people, music is only a thing for amusement but it should not be so. Researchers have confirmed that our choice of music has an important influence on our personality. This implies that the music you listen to has an influence on your mood, your paradigm and the way you live your life.

In the words of the Independent Zen, “the positive effect music has in our lives is understated. It can influence mind-state and motivate us to reach for the stars.” So if you haven’t been inspired by the music you have been listening to, it is possible you are being cheated by your favourite artistes.

Luckily, it is easy to get a fair deal for yourself. You might not have the power to determine the kind of music in the stores but you can choose the kind of music that you listen to. If you really want to start getting things done in life and you want music to be a source of your inspiration, re-examine your playlist, filter out the noise, add some good songs to it, listen and let the message spur you to greatness.


This article was written by Ibironke Oluwatobi. He tweets via: @ibironketweets

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