Before we draw the curtain on season 6 of BBNaija, the evicted housemates were allowed to party with the final six one last time, as it’s big brother tradition. They were expected to bring their A-game, in terms of killer outfits, because this would be their first official BBNaija event after exiting the house. Some of your favourites understood the assignment! While some others were a total fail, others left us wondering what to make of their look.

Fashion Killers

Unpopular opinion: Nini’s dress was beautiful but too much for the occasion. My opinion: It’s better to be overdressed than underdressed. Nini looked stunning and that’s on period!
Since leaving the BBNaija house, Maria has given us amazing looks and proven without a doubt that she’s on top of the fashion game; this time was no different.
Saskay looked beautiful in this number. It’s sexy and playful at the same time!

I love everything about this outfit that Princess is wearing. She looked really beautiful, and of course, she made sure her curves were accentuated.
Beatrice was determined to make a lasting impression in this dress. So even if you don’t remember her because she spent one week in the house, you will remember this dress!
There’s nothing much to say… Jackie B understood the assignment.
This colour on JMK is divine! It’s clear that she didn’t come to play and I’m totally here for it.
I love how this outfit was paired. Yerins looks dapper. What more could we ask for?
Yousef looks like an Indian army general in this outfit and he can arrest us anytime!

We love Kayvee’s classic man outfit. The shoes elevated the look, giving it that boyish charm.

JayPaul kept it clean and simple. We like it.
Although Saga may be lost when it comes to Nini, when it comes to fashion, he sure knows his way around! I wish we could get a better picture of this outfit, but you can tell that it was a hit.
Sammie and Saga
Strike a pose, Sammie. You look good!

Fashion Faux-Pas

But for one reason, Boma would have escaped this list… His trousers are so tight that we’re seeing things that should remain hidden! 
Immediately, I saw this picture. The first thing that came to my mind was, why is she wearing a pillowcase?! Arin is such a beautiful girl, but this outfit is a no for me, honey.
Niyi would have been better off if he left this jacket at home or the store! He looks like he has a dead animal on his back. Rick Ross will not be proud of this look.

You Decide

After the Champions party came the finale and some of your favourite housemates were given the chance to redeem themselves from their fashion misdemeanours during the party. Most of them did, and we have photo proof. Who do you think was the best dressed from of night? Let us know in the comments section.

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