A woman can make her outfit pop in minutes by adding one or two accessories to her outfit. Women need to know that it is not by wearing an expensive hairdo or outfit that necessarily make your outfit speak, but by paying attention to certain detail, owning the outfit and giving it a little twist. Never wear what everyone is wearing. Nevertheless, know some trends and how to go about wearing them. We all need the information of how to accessorize.There are certain fashion accessories a woman should be aware of in order to make her outfit pop.


A clear face cannot be overemphasized because a woman with all that expensive bag and clothing’s with a face full of acne and pimple is a NO No. A woman should be able to take care of her skin by eating right,using the right products for her face, working out, taking vitamins, doing a facials at least once in a month and of course using  a sunscreen lotion, which is very important to avoid sun burn and darkening of the skin.


It can be a lot of work to wake up in the morning, do a proper makeup and head out the door to work or any other place. A woman without makeup is not ugly but makeup brings out the better part of the beauty, makeup makes a woman look put together, smart, and lively. Makeup adds that spunk to an outfit .it also makes the woman look like she knows what she is doing and very much responsible for herself.


This is very important yet simple in taking a woman’s outfit a step higher. A woman looks not put together when her hair is not tidy. Tidy in the sense of wearing simple and neat hair like braids, low cut, a properly sewn weave or properly made wig that fits. A woman should not even carry her hair for so long as it leaves an odour, but her hair should be washed and changed or styled regularly, no matter the hairstyle you are wearing.


Jewelry is very much an outfit stunner, especially when you are wearing the right jewelry for the right outfit and occasion, you will definitely turn heads. A nice choker, neck pierce, bracelet, nice wristwatch, leg chain and if a lady wants to go all out and pierce extra holes on her ear in stylish and decent manner, go ahead; some ladies opt for nose ring. A brooch is another fashion accessory that really is for the stylish woman, it comes in a shiny ornament either gold, silver or coloured. It makes a dull outfit come alive.


A woman should purchase a bag that is stylish in nature preferably a small one, that is leather in nature. Leather bags have a way of making a woman look expensive and classy even though it is very affordable. A woman should look out for bags for designs, actually a few designs and more of a statement bag.


A real fashion item or will I say fashion necessity is a woman that has clean teeth and good breath. Mouth odour is a No No in 2018. Women should not ignore their mouths and focus on looks because the teeth and mouth is also important. Women should invest in scaling and polishing treatment that removes cavities and dirt that cause mouth or gum disease. Visit the dentist at least twice in a year for check-up, using good toothpaste and mouthwash will help in keeping the mouth very clean. Brown teeth is irritating to the sight. Ladies, please see your dentist for teeth whitening and look nice, because a beautiful smile can open a lot of doors.


Wearing the correct foot wear is very important to a woman. A woman’s outfit can be taken a notch higher when her foot wear is nice, appropriate and unique. The right footwear is necessary and also appealing to the eye.


Healthy and fit body cannot be over emphasized, a heavy blotted woman will almost not look good in a dress or any outfit for that matter. It is good to watch what you eat, exercise, drink lots of water, eat fruits and vegetables. A woman’s body is envisioned to be a figure 8, little curves and slim, with that kind of body, it screams elegance and is better than wearing a million dollar dress.


A woman that smells good will only open doors for herself.  People will not only admire that lady but will want to listen to what she has to say. A good smell is appealing and attracts people to the woman.  A woman should learn to clean her body well and put on a nice fragrance. This habit will make any outfit come alive


A woman that is confident can conquer all, with any outfit, she can carry it well, when she is down, she is still hopeful, when she stumbles she  will still succeed. A woman fully glammed with low self esteem or low level of confidence will not be recognized and listened to.


Good manners is very important to a fully dressed woman, bad manners drive people away and good manners brings people together and one can achieve ones goal easily. A  woman needs to learn simple etiquette, this will go a long way in bringing the best in her outfit.


This article was written by Ngozi Florence Ojeogwu; connect with her on IG here

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