You can’t talk about Nigerian female fashion entrepreneurs without mentioning Olawunmi Folami, popularly known as Olarslim. Olawumi Folami exudes style, class, and, of course, grace. It’s no surprise that her fashion brand is called Olarsgrace. Ola Folami is an award-winning fashion entrepreneur. She’s the creative director and founder of Olarsgrace.

Her journey into entrepreneurship was birthed during her years working in e-commerce institutions such as Jumia and Konga, where she worked for 6 years before establishing the brand known as Olarsgrace. Olarsgrace is a global contemporary female apparel brand that creates timeless pieces for women without limits and women who dare to dream. Established in 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria, Olarsgrace has blossomed from just an online store to a lifestyle brand that provides unique statement and staple pieces that dress women and help celebrate special moments with a style for every story. Olarsgrace has grown to become one of Nigeria’s most recognizable names in contemporary fashion.

Olawumi’s success stories and immense business growth deserve recognition and commendation. Thanks to its unique designs and timeless pieces, her company, Olarsgrace, has received global recognition, and the company’s operations have moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She’s also the founder of Peaches & Grace (an interior company) and Olarsthrift, now rebranded and known as Kilaniie.

Aside from business, Olawumi is also a content creator for fashion, travel, and lifestyle. Her portfolio boasts several top brands such as Estee Lauder, MAC, Heineken, MTN, Samsung, Mac, Budweiser, Tecno Mobile, etc.

The Tribe Collection

As a brand that caters to women globally and seeks to empower women, it is fitting that it launches a new collection in a month set aside to celebrate women. Olarsgrace launched its new collection on the 16th of March 2021. The collection, named “The Tribe,” draws inspiration from finding our own people regardless of place, origin, or beliefs. The pieces from this collection were carefully curated and speak to the collective community of radiant women who tell a story through their style and persona.

From the representation of the fierce but subtle woman in the Quiana Set

to the class, vibrance and boldness of the Bako Set,

and noteworthy mention of the purity and elegance of Janna Blazer Dress.

These pieces were created with all women in mind as the brand plays a vital role in the representation of the Bold, Confident, and Classy woman. 

See more images from the collection below.

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  • Gubio says:

    Fantastic writeup. Love OLARSGRACE.

  • Nickelloh says:

    Olar is one of the most hardworking business woman that I know; The brand speaks for itself exuding Class, Grace and Elegance. It’s been amazing watching her grow at her own pace, because she’s a firm believer in trusting the process. On the other hand she’s an amazing friend; the most diplomatic person you’ll ever meet!

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