When it comes to homemaking duties and the running of a family, such as cleaning, cooking, laundry work, payment of bills, washing etc. Few of us enjoy doing them, but for a household to run smoothly these tiresome and time-consuming tasks must get done. By who then?.

In delegating these chores amongst family members, there’s some talk over. The questions in these delegation involves if the parents are supposed to engage in family chores alone?, the young adults?, males only?, females only? or equally everyone in the family. While in some families, only the females are known to do the household chores, others hire people to perform these tasks and some other families do chores together. 

Engaging in chores comes with benefits of which they are also important to us regarding our lifestyle as young adults: 

Responsibility: Research shows that young adults who engage themselves in household chores are more responsible than those who do not. By extension, chores are not just limited to the home but to any association/organization that requires services i.e offices, schools, hospitals, churches etc. This applies to the popular saying – “Charity begins at home”.

Being Independent: Doing things ourselves without the help and close supervision of parents makes us self-reliant, it also boosts our self esteem which makes us become ‘mature’ mentally and physically. E.g Most young adults feel embarrassed when our parents still do our own laundry. 

Acquiring basic skills: We may still be young now, but we’re all going to grow up someday to start up our own families. Cooking, laundry, bill payments are some of the skills we’ll need to learn or know to run a household. A very good example is a typical African girl knowing how to make delicious dishes otherwise she’s liable to have relationship issues with her mother-in-law when she gets married. 

Time & Management skills:  It is difficult sometimes to occupy ourselves at the same time with family needs, school work and our social lives, however chores can help us to build up good habits, set our priorities right and schedule our time properly. 

Household Chores does not have to be assigned for a certain set of people in the family, It should be a collective task so that every member equally benefits from its importance. Chores also improves team work and hard work which is supposed to be a core habit among young adults and youths as a way of improving a positive lifestyle.

This article was written by Adeyemo Eyitayo; connect with her on IG here 

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