With the extensive growth of the music scene here in Nigeria, other aspects pertaining to music making are now given due attention; from sound mixing to beat production amongst others. Beat production is now seen as being lucrative since the demand is currently high and more players are beginning to establish their presence. One of such player is SESS BEATS aka The Problem Child who has successfully created his own unique touch when it comes to beats making. With a cute face and charming smiles, Sess gives some insight into his career in this interesting interview.

Let’s meet you.

My name is Salami Oluwasesan Abass aka Sess Beats. I am from Kwara state, Nigeria. I am a Christian, Barrister turned music producer; I studied Law at the University of Ilorin and got called to the bar in 2013 December. I practiced property law for a few years before I decided to follow my dreams as a producer.

So what made you shift from law to music production?

I started out as an artiste, becoming a producer was out of necessity because I couldn’t afford to buy beats for my songs. So after awhile I figured that since I was good at it, I could as well make beats to sell. I have always loved music since I was a kid. I remember when I was a little kid and was asked what I wanted to be, my reply was “I wanted to be Michael Jackson”. Throughout my secondary school I was in the choir. I have always had that flair for music. I just needed to grow into accepting that it was what I wanted to do for myself. And so at the time when I chose to do music, it was long overdue and it wasn’t difficult. Right from my university to my bar final to when I was called to the bar, I was making music.

How did your family take it?

My family had been supportive from the beginning though my parents were particular about me finishing school because they believed that education is important. I also believe education is important as well. They wanted me to have a second option. Our parents believe you have to go to the university and I understood basically. They have always been supportive.

So how did you break out from an unknown law graduate trying to hustle into Sess Beats?

That is a really big question. I believe it was just God’s plan. I just worked every other day and hoped that this would happen and it happened. Also the hard work, consistency over the years; there are days when you wake up and there is no motivation to go out and work but that is when you should even hustle more. So it was basically two factors – God factor and Hard work. It was pure grace and sheer hard work. I came to Lagos in 2013-2014 and met Falz who was also a lawyer trying to break out into the music industry and so we met at the perfect time when we both wanted to prove a point. And basically that was how everything worked out.

So from 2013 till now how has the journey been for Sess Beats?

It has been amazing. Sometimes I feel like I am dreaming because I have achieved so much in so little time. The name is out there, people appreciate the sound, and it is a miracle for me.

Aside Falz, who are your other clients?

Falz is like my major client. We understand each other on psychic level. We have this amazing chemistry. It is almost telepathic. I can have an idea and he would complete it. When you have someone who you are in sync with, you would always make a hit record. That is why I like working with Falz because he gets me. I am not trying to sell him an idea he doesn’t understand, he isn’t trying to sell me an idea I don’t understand. And that is why music doesn’t work at times because music is an expressive art and you want people to sync with that emotion. If you are sad, you make sad music. If you are happy, you make people happy. You are trying to transmit an emotion to people. If the emotion itself you are trying to transmit is not in one piece, that is if in the process of creating it, we are not on the same page, the music would not come out well. I have also worked with a lot of other people including Illbliss, Dremo, and YCEE

As an entrepreneur, did you have your up and down moments?

Everyday. To make a dream work, one of the things you have to learn is self motivation. Learn to push yourself. At times it gets frustrating, from the politics of the industry to motivation to personal issues. So yes! Are there days when it is difficult? Yes! Would I ever give up? No!

What are your plans to fully take over the industry?

As a matter of fact I am looking at coming out as an artiste. This time just feels right for me to come out as an artiste.

How do you intend to manage both being a producer and an artiste?

It can be done. I just need to keep pushing myself, it means I have to work extra hard. Because being an artiste is a lot of work. You have to prepare for shows, record in the studio, so it is a lot of work to be an artiste how much more being both an artiste and a producer. So it means I have to push myself more.

What kind of songs do you want to go into?

I am not putting a genre to it. For me, music is a form of expression so at every point in time when you are listening to my song, it is a representation of how I feel. I just want music to be an expression of how I feel. That is how I wanna be as an artiste. That is the twist for me. I am not going to box myself.

So when exactly should we be expecting Sess Beats the musician?

I would be putting out a number of singles. I just dropped a body of work, basically a free instrumental. And that is because I had the problem when I was coming up. I just wanted to help people and engage them. And a lot of people have reached out and said this has helped them.


Culled from Issue 16

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