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2015 has been really good to Folarin Falana thus far, with two endorsements deals to add to his high flying resume; new singles that the social media has embraced and is constantly patronizing. Falz is not only a versatile artiste, with the influence of his comical side and ‘len-less’ glasses but a barrister who is having the time of his life, putting out radio friendly singles and setting out for his sophomore album. We hooked up with Falz TheBahdGuy, and he tells us about summer, his career and you would not believe it… LOVE!


There is a common saying that, ‘Fellas know within the first 15 minutes of meeting a woman if there will be a future with her, or if they will marry her.’ I am not sure how this works for the guys, so we ask Falz and he said;

I don’t agree, I think we need way more time to be able to tell if there would be a future. You can tell whether you would get along eventually within the first 15 minutes, you could tell if she is smart and your type of woman if the 15minutes involves constant conversation, a flowing conversation. You can tell if she is your type of person, but a future? nah you will need more time.’

As a male celebrity, there must be a level of controversy or alleged relationships, but with Falz it is just his music and humor. Either he is putting in work or cracking up his fans. So we decided to snoop to find out what type of woman interests him.

She has to be smart, have a great sense of humor and has to be ambitious. Those are the key things. I’m not too particular about the physical, so long as she’s good looking, I’m good. Overtime I’ve always preferred light skinned ladies, but my horizon has expanded. I’m not limiting myself to dark skins anymore. (Lol)’

In Nigeria, where guys are perceived as unromantic, what are your options for a first date?

I would take her to a restaurant, somewhere nice and fancy so we could talk, because we have to talk on the first date. I probably won’t take her to the cinema because we can’t actually talk; we have to watch the movie. So a restaurant, so I can see her face well and have a direct conversation with her.’

If Falz sees a girl he likes very much, how does he approach her?

‘I look around first, to see if she is with anybody because you don’t want to go there and intrude. So if she’s alone and just there I will walk up to her and introduce myself, try to start a conversation.



If you are on social media or you have friends from work, you would notice a common trend at this moment… VACATION, VACATION! Most people are on a beach somewhere, soaking in the sun and basking in its glory, because it is that time of the year.

Falz is presently in Lagos, but we ask him a little bit about summer and what his plans are, as an entertainer; Is this is the period of more work or a break to clear and relax the muscles? Picture a beach with lots of sunlight and beautiful women. We asked him his dream location and he said;

Definitely Miami! I have heard a lot of nice things about Miami, I have never been there but it sounds like a very exotic and interesting place to go to.’

Miami is synonymous to beautiful women.. Falz is very scandal free, so any outlet to snoop we welcome it. I asked if it had anything to do with the women and he laughed it off in good humor.

Well… No not necessarily’. (Lol)

The entertainment industry is packed with a bevy of beautiful women, it is also a common trend to get involved with a colleague or have that colleague you admire. Falz had a thing or two to say on this.

If I were to take a female celebrity on a vacation this summer it would be Victoria Kimani and I would definitely take her to Barbados.’

Keeping fit is also a huge trend this summer, the sun is out and the birds are singing. Perfect time to be as scantily clad as possible, this is the period you show off months and months of slaving away at the gym or feeling a sense of fulfillment at the money you invested in that celebrity fitness expert. Does Falz have the perfect summer body?

We are almost there; we are still working on it. I’m not even going on a vacation this summer, just work, work and more work.’


With 2 hot singles on the waves right now, ‘Ello Bae’ and ‘Karishika’. Fans and social media users have taken it upon themselves to make numerous comical videos of these singles, showing their love in their own way. Falz TheBahdGuy has a very tangible online presence and relevance, traveling from state to state and country to country, we ask about the journey so far.

Having said all that, it is evident that he must have attained some financial reward so far, right? Well he had this to say:

I think that is my business, it is not something to reveal to the world. But I think I have made a decent amount so far.

A financial plan is something that most artists take very lightly, it is very easy to get caught in the flashing lights, spend unwisely and acquire luxuries you might not need down the line, so we asked Falz about his savings culture. And he said;

I think this also is my business, but it is a very good percentage, savings wise.’

He was recently in the UK, where he went on a holiday but his fans there wouldn’t allow it, so he ended up visiting 3 cities to meet with his loyal fans. Organizing impromptu meet and greet sessions… It ended up as a tour! How this all did turn out for Falz?

It wasn’t like a proper tour, I set out on a holiday and when I got there, I decided to link up with my fans there and we organized a meet and greet session, while in London. I visited other cities, it wasn’t a proper tour it just felt relevant and warranted. It turned out pretty good.’

With two ambassadorial deals to his name and a sophomore album on the way, this year has been a lot of hard work and replenishment for Falz. He told us a little bit about his Cheki deal;

Cheki endorsement is my second deal; it’s a brand ambassadorship, a brand association. I’m an ambassador for the Cheki brand; I am out there representing the brand in every way possible.’

Thanks for your time Mr. Falz!

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