In 2009, a young man with an innate love and passion – music, decided to put out a body of work that contained some songs that displayed his musical prowess and he named it, ‘Shakara’.

A way to tell the world; ‘I can sing, rap and I do it all with a sense of humor’. He put it out online for free and the songs got a conscious level of attention, but  then like all young upcoming artistes, he had to do more because Nigerians will always have something to say, either in praise or in bash downs. He went on to put forth more singles and visuals to this effect, shuffling between the UK and NIGERIA.  Falz had not been fully reconnected to his roots, Nigeria, which was evident in his music and unavailability at shows and the Lagos music scenes.

Folarin Falana went further to create a niche for himself in the Nigerian music scene. He describes his music as “what’s up music” – a blend of hip-hop with old school sound and funny lyrics.

He created this humorous sound and Yoruba inspired vocabulary that caught on like a wild fire, his easy and conscious lyrical prowess was an added win. Falz came on as a certain Barrister with a mock illiterate façade and he has created this image that cannot be emulated even by the greatest of the greatest.

Fast forward to present times, Falz has been having a really good run thus far, with 2 endorsement/ambassadorial deals to add to his high flying resume, new singles that social media has embraced and is constantly patronizing. This barrister is having the time of his life, putting out radio friendly singles and set to put out a sophomore album.

Since the release of his debut album, ‘Wazup Guy’ he has accorded a very fair level of success, headlining shows around the country and interviews with credible journals, with his army of Instagram fans attesting to his huge recognition. Falz takes out time in his visuals, depicting his message clearly with a comical edge.

With several singles on the waves, his fans and social media users have taken it upon themselves to make numerous comical videos of these singles, showing love in their own way.

Falz TheBahdGuy has a very tangible online presence and relevance, traveling from state to state and country to country, his credibility has gone up and his rise is progressing. Falz is not sleeping on his oars,  ensuring  he stays relevant. With his endorsements with Cheki! and another high flying e- commerce platform, he is DEFINITELY reaping the fruit of his labor.


Recently, he concluded a UK tour, the reviews and acceptance were pleasant and as usual social media documented the events. Falz has stayed true to his image and his craft, avoiding us the mediocrity that most times envelopes the music scene, churning out credible hits after hits. As we eagerly await his sophomore album.

Folarin  Falana has risen from one of the ‘add ons’ in the industry to the headliner, his resume is on a steady rise and gone are the days of being referred to as the son of Femi Falana, renowned and outspoken SAN. He is more than Daddy’s shadow, he is a reputable force in his sector, the entertainment industry has welcomed and is steady elevating Falz in all his glory.

Clear to all, Falz has a chest of hit singles after hit singles and as we await his upcoming visual with Reminisce called, ‘Clap’, couple with the new video for his hit single ‘Celebrity Girlfriend’ with Reekado Banks, we expect  greater endeavors and accomplishments from this multi talented Barrister.  

For some, Falz is on the right path; little or no controversy, putting the music first at all times, his team is clearly properly informed and equipped. Falz is taking his music across borders and is DEFINITELY on the edge of greatness.

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