Whenever you have accomplished a defined task or purpose, you have reached a success stage, in this part of the world, success is related to social status. When you have fame and wealth, you are automatically tagged as being successful.

Failure on the other hand resides wherever success is lacking, anyone that is unsuccessful in whatever form, be it their inability to accomplish a task, a collapse of plan or a non-achiever in general.

Here is the twist and the correlation between these two factors, they are actually related, you can’t have one without the other, in order to meet the favoured cousin – you must go through the unfortunate one. It’s just how life is designed; there is no shortcut about this.

Failure is just a delayed process until the arrival of success. However, it’s just a process and under no circumstance should we as humans assume that failing a task is a blocker to our desire. On the contrary, that’s there to challenge how far we are willing to go for our desire and to value it when we eventually secure it. Our strength and ability are in test here, in most cases the higher the challenges, the higher the success.

It’s not abnormal to see people avoiding challenges; humans are naturally designed to sense and avoid danger; our sense organs instantly respond to external stimuli whenever we are being challenged and that in turn sends impulses to our sensory nervous system which in turn means abandoning whatever we were doing for safety – this is just how we are designed but only very few of us possess the ability to shut down that fear and stand against that challenge in order to continue that journey. Fear is an enemy and it’s an agent of failure, whenever we embrace fear, we have unintentionally signed an agreement with failure and the path to it has been activated.

No matter what it is that you desire, challenges will always arise on the path towards that desire, the higher the desire – the more the challenges. Whenever you avoid a challenge, two things are happening here; you have now armed the challenge to grow and this could now be higher than you could manage, secondly – your E.T.A  is now farther away, for some unlucky people – that might never happen during their lifetime, which is rather unfortunate due to their inability to bury their fear and face their challenge when it was just a mere crossover.

For you to meet success you must go through series of challenges and during that period of you being challenged, the entire world would be looking at you as a failure, it is important and essential to ignore and focus on your journey.

Their plan is to derail you so you can validate their opinion and assumption, no matter how much and high those challenges are, you must remember the factors below.

–         Why did I start this journey?

–         Can I afford to give up now?

–         What is my alternative plan?

–         Do I care about what others think?

–         This is important to me, I must do this for me

–         I can’t be tagged a failure

–         If this doesn’t work, I must try again

–         I can do this

–         Any challenge on the way is not enough to stop me

–         Any form of distraction must be ignored

–         I would be discouraged by friends, family and haters but it’s my dream and not theirs

–         I have a purpose

–         I am a winner, I must think and act like one

It won’t be easy but it’s not impossible either. Success is for those who are determined, resilient, consistent and with a high degree of endurance.

Whatever your desire is – I am wishing you all the best and you must remember that that if you failed once doesn’t mean you can’t try again. There are 7 days in a week and 12 months in a year!

All the best!


This article was written by Amiola Saamuel; connect with her on IG here

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