Saturday nights in Lagos are about to get a tad more eventful as a line up of vibe sessions from the one and only cash mummy start to roll out. The first volume of Lady Donli’s WILD sessions, sponsored by Kuda Bank, began last saturday and it was a sensual experience for the audience.

The night started off slow, The Free Me Space was littered with people that all looked similar despite the peculiarity in their statement outfits and bold, colorful hairstyles. It was 7:56pm, which seemed like a suitable time to be fashionably late for what was supposed to be a 6pm event. The bass from the building reverberated around the lobby and it got me a bit giddy for the session. Those who lingered and mingled around babied cups of Jameson to get their systems abit relaxed for the evening. I got a cup myself to ease into the mood for the night. Donli is a rockstar and I wanted to be able to match her energy (which I unfortunately could not ).

Walking into the heavily guarded room almost felt like I was being transported into a different space entirely. The black room was illuminated by a huge open box stage. The place was relatively small with only a few people chatting amongst themselves as two lagbaja faced performers danced to the tunes of Dj Honey.

The space started to fill up at about 8:30pm, people trooped into the space as though they were all hiding somewhere else in the building. The performers who had taken a short break were back to the dancefloor which signalled she was about to arrive. I got my second cup just so I wouldn’t need to leave the space during her performance and miss my spot. As the place filled up, I made my way closer to the stage to get a better view of Her. DJ Honey had transitioned from Amaarae’s Sad Girlz Luv Money remix into a hardrock beat, which got the atmosphere pumped for her arrival. Donli snuck passed the crowd and made her way to the stage. Already feeling intune with the music she made sure to give the most rockstar opening she could think of.

Things picked up quickly once she was on stage. I downed my cup quickly because it was starting to be a burden to my experience. As she finished her rock intro and spoke to the audience a bit, she began the acappela verison of M.K.K, the fourth song off the WILD E.P, that got the crowd roaring and jeering. After performing the song for a few seconds she invited someone from the crowd on stage to serenade a bit. The serenade was shortly followed by the performance of a crowd favorite, Corner, which the crowd easily sang along to.

She took a quick break as she invited Solis to perform. Solis’ sultry voice hit different in my slightly (very) intoxicated head. Solis’ performance of Fuck Boys Kiss Girls had the room swaying and singing along in harmony.

Fast-rising artist Shalom Dubas, also gave a crowd moving performance. Although her performance was short, it was remarkable and left an impression on the audience for sure.

Donli’s comeback from her short break was ushered by a performance of a never-to-be- released single Stay in the Night . It’s one of those tracks you just need to have, pretty unfortunate it’ll never see the light of day……unless she changes her mind(hopefully).

Wavythecreator graced the stage as well for a short performance that got the already pumped up crowd even more excited. Prior to this show I had never seen Wavythecreator perform live and from experiencing this I can boldly say she’s a PERFORMER.

Impossible to forget the impromptu Cavemen performance. The Cavemen offered to rock on stage with Lady Donli as she began to sing their joint song Cash. It was an amazing surprise for us all.

The night slowly came to an end as she and her band, The Lagos Panic, introduced themselves and wowed us with their individual talents. Richard Famoriyo on the guitar, Praise Obahaiye on the drums, Orji Dayo on the bass and last but not the least, Lady Donli as the lead singer.

All in all it was an awesome night packed with a rather interesting crowd. I’m more excited about the other sessions to come and can’t wait to watch how Lady Donli tries to outdo herself over and over.

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