Born to a billionaire father, Ifeoluwa Florence Otedola popularly known as DJ CUPPY is one of Nigeria female DJs currently making us proud internationally and on home soil. The beautiful looking damsel made a career path out of her passion regardless of her background by sojourning into the music world to becoming a DJ. With a carefully planned career path, DJ CUPPY has carved a perfect niche for herself – dishing out volumes of her house mix compilation. In this interview, she highlights her experiences so far a DJ.

TM: How anxious were you at your very first gig?

CUPPY: Ask any performer and they would all say the get nervous before every gig, I always want to give a good performance, so I always get nervous and prepare as much as I can.

TM: What prompted your choice of choosing a career in DJing.

CUPPY: I started playing Piano and singing when I was younger then as I got older my love for all types of music got me into Djing.

TM: How would you say the experience at Roc Nation helped improve your career?

CUPPY: I learnt so much working at Roc nation. When you work in an environment with such talented people it rubs off on you.

TM: What is your favourite song from the past 5 years?

CUPPY: Wow that the toughest question you can ask a DJ!  I have thousands of songs on my playlist.

TM: At what age did you start djing?

CUPPY: I started DJing when I was 16.

TM: What kind of equipments do you work with?

CUPPY: I use CDJ’s most of the time and of course my laptop and sparkly headphones.

TM: What is your unique strength compared to other DJs in Nigeria and the world at large?

CUPPY: I think because I’m Nigerian but live internationally that definitely reflects in my sound. I played for a lot of clubs in London so I think I bring a great balance.

TM: Where do you spin regualrly?

CUPPY: I’ve been lucky enough to have played in different countries around the world but Nigeria is always my favourite plays to play at.

TM: Who is your favourite DJ?

CUPPY: I have so many but female DJs inspire me.


TM: How does it feel working in a male dominated industry?

CUPPY: I think it’s important to just be myself. Yes there are many men who dominate this industry but that just means there is more space for us ladies and whatever we do we must do it twice as well to be recognised.

TM: Tell us a brief background on your love for cupcakes.

CUPPY: Red velvet cupcakes are my favourite and I loved them so much I named myself after it. Originally it was DJ Cupcake but then it slowly turned into DJ Cuppy.

TM: What are your general predictions for the Nigerian music industry?

CUPPY: I think African music in general is definitely being received well internationally which is amazing. I want to be part of this amazing time in music history.

TM: Old School or New School?

CUPPY: Being a DJ makes it difficult for me to choose.

 TM: Favourite city in the world?

CUPPY: Lagos, It is home for me!

TM: How fun was it working with Funke Akindele on your compilation? 

CUPPY: She’s so funny; it was great that I could do that small collaboration with her.

TM: One thing you would love to change about the current local music scene?

CUPPY:  To be honest I think what I would have said is happening already; it’s becoming more international which is great. The African sound is so unique so it’s great that the rest of the world is getting to hear it.

TM: Asides putting out compilations, what other projects do we expect from you?

CUPPY: I’m currently on my Cuppy Takes Africa tour which is going so well. We’re travelling and performing in 8 countries in Africa. This is something I’ve wanted to do for so long and I’m so glad I’m finally getting this opportunity.

TM: First feeling of being stars-truck?

CUPPY: I don’t really get star struck.

TM: Hip Hop or Techno?

 CUPPY: Hip-hop

TM: What drives your energy while playing?

CUPPY: The crowd 100%, they give me so much energy while I’m performing. They’re the ones that push me to work harder and always do better.

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