The quality of music being released recently in Nigeria has increased greatly when compared to the past. Asides the improvements in the production of beats, we now enjoy clearer, melodious and soothing music. Most of these improvements in the quality of music are being made possible by sound engineers who mix and master songs. In Nigeria, we have quite a few talented ones and amongst them is a young chap who has lately, successfully created a niche for himself in the world of mixing and mastering or better put ­­­- sound engineering. Out of a possible 10 released songs today, 7 of them are possibly mastered by Suka Sounds; largely because of the creativity he inputs into songs to make them perfect. Tush Magazine hooked up with the amazing Suka Sounds in his studio for an exclusive interview. Find below excerpts of the interview session.


Q. Glad to meet you, Suka Sounds. Is that your real name?

Actually, my name is Suka Andrews.


Q. Tell us a little about yourself?

Suka Andrew is from Jos, Plateau State Nigeria. I am a Sound Engineer and a lover of music.

I am from a family of five.


Q. Can you talk more on your educational background?

I attended Amazing Grace Private School for Primary Education before going to Science Day Private Secondary School. I also went to a music Institute in Jos to add more value to my trade. I had wanted to be an architect but eventually fell in love with music. I later went to Studio One for 2 years as a sound Engineer. It wasn’t long before I was called upon by another major studio for another 2 and half years to manage and be the in-house producer. I also went to School of Audio Engineering to enhance my career before being called upon by E.M.E to be the in-house producer and sound Engineer. That’s where I am now.


Q. How long have you been in the Nigerian Music scene?

Professionally, I have been in the industry for 8 years.


Q. What actually is your specialty?

For me, it is music production. I am a general Music Producer but people know me more as a Sound Engineer.


Q. Can you mention some artistes you’ve worked with in the music Industry?

I have worked with the likes of Brymo, Shady, Banky W, D’banj and Davido. Basically, I’ve worked with almost all the artistes in the industry.



Q. Can you mention some notable songs you’ve worked on?

I did Brymo’s ‘Ara’; Davido’s ‘Owonikoko’; Wizkid’s Album; Banky W’s Album and 6 tracks on Dbanj’s recent album; DJ Jimmy Jatts’ ‘Eto be’ and so many others.


Q. What challenges have you faced in the industry?

Some challenges I faced then was having clients complain about my ability to mix and master sounds. It was really challenging but those moments of rejection made me better. The growing phase was also very challenging. Thank God I have passed through that and now, I have been established.

Another challenge we face in the industry is recognition; Sound Engineers are not given much credit for the work they do. We are not recognized in the industry especially in the areas of awards. A category should be created to recognize the important role Sound Engineers play in the industry. It is important.


Q. Why did you choose this line of duty?

Well, the truth is that I love creativity; It is real fun for me ‘cos it’s like putting puzzles together.  I love the technicalities, frequencies to cut, some calculations to do to get it right.  I’m just in love with engineering and music.


Q. What projects are you working on now?

I’m working on a whole lot of projects. Many of the artistes are working hard to drop quality songs and I am working to make their dreams come true.


Q. How will you rate the Nigerian Music Industry?

Yeah. We are definitely growing. Just that we are having a little congestion. It’s more like we are forcing the world to hear us and they are listening. We have knowledgeable professionals in the industry; back then, everyone wanted to do things themselves, but we have outgrown that now, We are really growing.


Q. Do you have an official website?


It’s a site to let you know what I do generally. I also build studios. You know, I built Wizkid’s studio, the very first Davido’s studio and many other studios. The site will also show you some of the works we’ve done for people. You know I’m a general sound Designer and Engineer, so I do almost everything. There is a provision for uploading of songs too.



Q. Who are your mentors?

I love Christy Jones, he’s one great Engineer.

Q. What inspires you?

I’m inspired by good music.


Q.  What is your greatest achievement so far?

I will say my brand Suka Sounds. That’s the mother achievement of all I have achieved now.


Q. Could you elucidate the importance of Sound Engineers to the Nigerian Music industry?

Sound Engineers enhance sounds from its raw state to a more acceptable top quality. We are like the interior designers of a house.


Q. In 5 years, where do you see yourself in the industry?

I see myself owning a record label called Suka Sounds if God wills it.


Q. What more are we expecting from you?

Expect more music, more good music. You guys should watch out for more Suka Sounds on your radios and TVs.


Q. What are your twitter and Facebook handles?

Twitter: @Sukaonpoint

Instagram: @SukaSounds


Thank you for your time and the enlightenment!

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